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Well, sure, they should have the right to buy semi-automatic or automatic weapons with the largest capacity magazines available. After all, if the Second Amendment means anything, it means that everyone, even those suspected of meaning harm to this nation, should be armed.

Meanwhile, it's also critically important that we keep Syrian families out of the US, because they may mean us harm 18 months to 2 years when they finally get to our shores.


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Your style of commenting is too distinct to avoid detection for too long. But good luck and keep stringing random words together.

Seriously, have a Happy Thanksgiving.


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Obama worst ever? Not by a long shot.

Bush, and it's not even close.

Bush lied to us about WMD (bigger lie and vastly more destructive than anything the Republicans have tried to lay at H Clinton's feet), didn't keep us safe from 9/11 (about which, it now comes out, he had substantial warning), started two wars and declared "Mission Accomplished," oversaw the astonishingly inept response to Katrina (remember, "You're doing a great job, Brownie"). The hits just keep coming. The man was an utter disaster.

No, you may not like Obama, but GWBush was historically bad.


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LOL, "please lets not argue about the causes." I guess, I'd try that too, if I were in your shoes.

As is usually the case, when the facts are bad, blame them on someone else; when they're good, claim them as the result of right wing policies.

I guess this is the equivalent of "guilty with an explanation."

Thanks for playing.


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You know, when every program proposed or currently implemented is labelled "socialism" the word loses its power; and then you and the rest of the right wing will be forced to deal with the merits, rather than the red meat word.

You may want to look up the definitions of "irrefutable" and "fact." I'm not sure you understand the words, at least as most of us use them.

As for the last part of your post - the old, if you don't like it move. Sorry, I'm a natural born US citizen, Vietnam vet and a happy resident of this country. It seems to me that you right wingers are the ones who are so unhappy with this nation as it currently exists.

Maybe you should relocate and leave those of us who see things as they are, both the good and the bad, to try to build on the good and correct the bad.


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Simple answer to Obamacare - single payer. Then we can use the 15% off the top that the insurance companies are keeping for corporate salaries, overlapping marketing and lobbying for medical expenses instead.


NewInWW 1 week ago on Letter - Why does reason terrorists attacked matter?

The jobs being created are no where near as good as the jobs that trickle down economics and the rights war on unions and the middle class for the last 40 years have destroyed, but there we are.

Answer a simple question: is creating 200,000 jobs of whatever kind/month better than losing 800,000 jobs/month, which is where we ended up with GWB? Simple yes or no, and then we'll see where you are on the "in touch with reality" and/or honesty score.


NewInWW 1 week ago on Letter - Why does reason terrorists attacked matter?

It's interesting that, for right wingers, everything that went wrong on GWB's watch was the fault of the Democratic controlled Congress, but nothing that's gone wrong (in the eyes of the right wing) during Obama's term is the fault of the Republican controlled House (2010) or, now, Congress.

Do I detect a huge dose of hypocrisy?


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1) I'm not sure what you think name calling does, other than make you look immature. If that's your goal, you've succeeded.

2) If you think the economy is no better now than it was at the end of 2008, there's nothing I can say - you are entirely fact free.

3) Private sector employment suffers during times of austerity. The GOP congressional delegation has been hell-bent on an austerity plan since Obama took office. The economy has improved despite - rather than because of - anything the GOP has done. Rather than shedding 800,000 jobs/month, we are adding 200,000+ per month. Maybe you don't see that as an improvement, I certainly do.

4) Support for the Iranian nuke deal depends on how many details of the monitoring process and penalties are included in the question. If those details are included, a majority support the deal. Americans are thoughtful and fair if given facts.

It's very much like support for Obamacare. If you ask people if they like Obamacare, a majority will say "no." If you ask people about specific policies included in Obamacare, a majority approve. People don't like the name, they do like the policies.

5) If you see advances in dealing with systemic racism as indicators of a "train wreck" that can only be because you are on the white side of the racial divide.

6) The right masterfully plays on the public's fears. Remember ebola in 2014? Virtually the day after the election, it disappeared as a major issue.

7) Even accepting your 60% figure, I'll warrant that a large portion of that 60% believes that we've lost our way from a nation that stood for opportunity, rather than a nation that stands for protecting the "haves." There are many sickened by the SCOTUS decisions in Citizens United and Hobby Lobby, many who see our political system as elegant, legalized bribery by the wealthy at the expense of the rest of us, and many who see our failure to protect women, minorities and children as shameful. "Wrong direction" doesn't equal "need to shift right," it simply means unhappiness with what's going on.

8) In short, no, you've not pointed to anything concrete to support the claim of "train wreck." Instead you've regurgitated the talking points of the right. In particular, you seem not to want to deal with the mess GWB left, and how much better things are now than when the nation and the world were teetering on brink of financial collapse.