OMGNA 2 years, 7 months ago on News release: Walla Walla toy store owner plans to continue mural fight

How sad that you are moving to "snobbish" WW. Nothing has changed in 70 years. I was born and raised in WW, still have family in the valley. When I was in WW last year during the Balloon Stampede, I saw the mural and fell in love with it. It was in keeping with the store it portrayed. But, for the snobs, I wonder if in one tenacle it had held a wine glass, in another it held a bottle of wine, if that would have made it more acceptable to the "snob tourists". I was not impressed with all the "wine" murals I saw plastered all over the place at the "wine stores". Talk about a bad influence to the young residents. If I were Mr. C, I would give you the bird, close my store, and move to a different location that wants to cater to families with children. Maybe CP, Stateline, M-F, to name a few. I'm sure WW won't miss the revenue they get from him. No wonder everyone goes to the Tri-Cities to shop. I wouldn't dream of starting a business in "snobbish" WW for all the tea in China. And yes, I spent a great deal of time in WW several years ago settling my father's estate. And it was interesting to listen to visitors at the motel I was staying at asking what was so great about WW since there was no shopping to speak of, nothing to do really outside of just passing through or sitting in a wine tasting room, no really good places to dine, etc.

So sorry for the stress Mr. C has been put through. I support his efforts 110%, but I think at this point I would throw in the towel, close my store, and move where I was wanted and appreciated, and that certainly isn't in WW. Then the place could be leased to yet another "wine" shop. Let's make the whole area of downtown WW into "skidrow" to cater to all the winos!