PeggyJoy 2 months, 1 week ago on Letter - Raising minimum wage hurts the economy

And who complains the most about our National Debt? The people contributing to the rise like the Walton family (Walmart), that encourage their employees to apply for food stamps. The same family, where each member is worth BILLIONS. Mostly like they come up with plenty of "write-offs," so they don't pay a cent of taxes.


PeggyJoy 2 months, 1 week ago on Letter - Raising minimum wage hurts the economy

This should be looked at in another way. If you cannot afford to pay a person a livable wage, where they can provide food and shelter for their family, without using food stamps, etc., then you shouldn't be in business. Think about it. Why did "you" start your own business? More than likely you were fed up with receiving low-wages.


PeggyJoy 2 months, 1 week ago on Milton-Freewater may allow employees to carry concealed weapons

Sounds like someone doesn't have their head screwed on very tight! If the person, that came up with this "bright idea" is on the City Council, they need to be fired. Leave your damn guns at home, and make us all feel safer.


PeggyJoy 2 months, 2 weeks ago on Moderate Republicans push back against tea partiers

Seems like the media and others have never heard of the John Birch Society! You know the group. Published the SpotLight newspapers, that were available for free on the streets of Walla Walla, spouting their hate for our government, while wrapping themselves in the U.S. Flag, claiming to be so patriotic, while preaching racist views among other anti-American trash.

Before you claim to be a member of the TeaBag Party, educate yourself on the history and their beliefs. Ask you really want to back a party, that hides behind our U.S. Flag, claiming to be "Patriots," while in the same breath state how much they hate our government.



PeggyJoy 2 months, 3 weeks ago on McMorris Rodgers to give GOP response to Obama address

This says just about everything about Cathy. Seems she believes it OK for men to beat/abuse their wives, girlfriends, and daughters! She is NOT fit to represent anyone in the State of Washington, especially women.

Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers for Opposing Violence Against Women Act

Cathy McMorris-Rodgers Info


PeggyJoy 3 months ago on Tuesday overdose death the third of the year in Walla Walla area

Here are two web sites, that EVERY PARENT should view with their teenager. It's time, that parents actually educated their kids on how dangerous drugs are, instead to just telling them not to take drugs. Who, with any degree of intelligence would actually use meth, which destroyed your brain, rots out your teeth, sores all over your body, etc.


PeggyJoy 3 months ago on Tuesday overdose death the third of the year in Walla Walla area

People from all walks of life, unemployed/employed, blue collar workers to professionals abuse drugs in this country. It's about making choices, but it, also, has a lot to do with socializing. Many foolish people will do anything to belong to some group or become friends with someone, even destroying themselves in the process.


PeggyJoy 3 months ago on Throw the progressive bums out

Oh, that is just great, Nam! Insult Paco, when he tells you the truth, and you don't like it. Typical Republican. Hit them up side the head with the FACTS, and then they attack.

If you were in Vietnam fighting on the ground, which I doubt very much, was your head around any explosives? Seems you simply cannot comprehend the facts when give to you!


PeggyJoy 3 months ago on Throw the progressive bums out

You ADMIT to using Medicare & Medicare supplement, which was brought about those (socialist, commie, liberal, pinko unpatriotic Democrats)!!!!

You and your ilk are ALWAYS ranting about "those Demcrats" on spending, etc. B UT you are more then willing to use ANY/ALL the pgograms, that the Democrats brought about, that the Republicans foutht against, and even to this day want cut.

I tellyou exactly what I've told others like yourself.........IF YOU DON'T like the benefits you receive from these programs.............STOP USING THEM. REFUND THE GOVERNMENT, WHAT THEY HAVE SPENT ON YOU.


PeggyJoy 3 months ago on Throw the progressive bums out

Since you claim to be so PATRIOTIC, what accomplishments and achievements and victories of Progressives, Liberals and Democrats over the last century, would you like to get rid of?

The GI Bill

Endangered Species Act

Environmental Laws

The Space Program

The Peace Corps


The Civil Rights Movement

Earned Income Tax Credit

Family & Medical Leave Act

Consumer Product Safety Commission

Americans With Disabilities Act

Freedom of Information Act

Women's right to control their reproductive future

Allowing citizens to view their own credit records

The Internet

Balancing the federal budget

The Brady Bill (5-day wait on handgun purchases for background checks)

Lobbying Disclosure Act

"Motor-Voter" Act

The Voting Rights Act

Unemployment Insurance


Food Stamps/WIC

Social Security

Peace between Israel and Egypt

Peace between Israel and Jordan

The Department of Education

The Department of Energy

The Department of Transportation

The Department of Housing and Urban Development

Labor Laws

The Marshall Plan

Winning World War II

Food Safety Laws

Workplace Safety Laws

The Tennessee Valley Project

The Civilian Conservation Corps

The Securites and Exchange Commission

Women's Right to Vote

Universal Public Education

National Weather Service

Product Labeling Laws

Truth in Advertising Laws

Morrill Land Grant Act

Rural Electrification

Public Universities

Bank Deposit Insurance (FDIC)

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Public Broadcasting

Supporting the establishment of Israel

The United Nations