Townie 3 years ago on Gay marriage doesn't unravel society

I am a friend of Everett's and I have been waiting for my own marriage to dissolve since he and his wife moved to town. It has been extremely stressful for me, as you might imagine. If marriage isn't always and forever about two differently sexed bodies submitting themselves to state regulation, what are my husband and I doing?! What will hold our marriage together!?

As it turned out, I needn't have worried. My husband and I still love each other; Everett and his wife still love each other. The world still spins in the right direction. Phew! We dodged a serious bullet!

Married people of Washington: fear not! Upholding the right to equal marriage will not bring about instant ruin for us all. I can testify to it.


Townie 3 years ago on Consider harm to society by gay marriage

I am a happily married straight woman. I did not vow to give my husband "a refuge, a home and a family," and nor did my husband vow to "put the full strength of all of his efforts and labor toward the support of his wife and their children." That is not at all the way we understand our commitment to one another. Sorry lady, but your conception of marriage is not a universal one, and nor are you entitled to impose your ideas about marriage onto my marriage. Given that people are free to love each other and make commitments to each other in a variety of ways, there is no good reason at all (except bigotry, of course) to make gay marriage illegal. You go ahead and live in a world of tightly prescribed gender roles: don't ask me or my gay friends to do the same.