Use.Wisdom 2 years, 10 months ago on Now is time to vote yes for Wa-Hi

fatherof5 -- I too share your sentiments, and am glad I live in this community. Thank you for counteracting opinion with facts. I'm voting "YES" for kids, and proud of it.


Use.Wisdom 2 years, 10 months ago on Support our schools to meet standards of excellence

Great idea ImJustSayin! Come this Saturday (January 19) or next Saturday (January 26) at 3:00 and poke around and check out the inside of Wa-Hi and make an informed decision. Or, contact the district office for a guided tour on Wednesday, January 23rd. Whatever best meets your schedule. Wa-Hi belongs to all of us, and the very best voter -- is an informed voter.


Use.Wisdom 2 years, 10 months ago on Now is time to invest in our community

Namvet, I believe one of the great things that sets America apart from other nations is our educational system. Education is the paramount responsibility of our state government, and our federal laws require we educate every single child. It is illegal to charge tuition for a public education. I'm proud of this. Your parents were not charged for your education, and you were not charged for your children's education (assuming your family took advantage of public education).

Every generation provides for the next in some way. Schools, roads, courthouses, veteran's hospitals, police, firefighters, etc...

Senior citizens struggling financially might qualify for a tax deferral, and it is my great hope every senior needing this help takes advantage of it.


Use.Wisdom 2 years, 10 months ago on We can afford Wa-Hi remodel

Namvet -- I am shoulder to shoulder with fatherof5. I support every single opportunity to lift up and honor our veterans. Count me in for a casserole every week too. From my heart -- Honestly. I'm already planning how to incorporate your needs with ours.

We have all been the beneficiaries of the generations before us. Our schooling needs were met by "them" and it is our turn to meet the need of today's children.

Please do join all of us to build a better tomorrow for our community. And just so you know -- my children have already benefited (greatly) from our school district, and have moved on. Be assured, my strong "yes" is because I do believe in investing in tomorrow, and I'm giving back because it's the right thing to do.


Use.Wisdom 2 years, 11 months ago on Board eyes potential excess school bond funds

Max Carrera has studied the issue and understands the bigger picture. He's all about being the best possible steward of tax payer dollars. We need more politicians willing to be vulnerable leaders. Mr. Carrera has my vote.

I'm voting "YES" because we need to remodel Wa-Hi -- excess funds isn't an issue for me.


Use.Wisdom 3 years ago on A cautionary tale

Or perhaps 10 local men and women meet at a local cafe for breakfast every Saturday morning. 9 of them always order the special with a cup of coffee. Black. It's nothing fancy -- but it is satisfying. One person is accustomed to omelettes in the morning, with a side of fresh fruit, bacon and a slice of ham with his latte. When the bill arrives, they divide it evenly. Just as they've been doing for years.

Only now the 9 are thinking it's time the one starts paying his fair share.


Use.Wisdom 3 years, 2 months ago on Gay slurs unnecessary and ignorant


I would rather live next to you, than the "drive by" fellow. Keep fighting the good fight.