barracuda 2 days, 14 hours ago on What do you think of allowing posts from anonymous (pseudonyms) commenters on articles, columns and letters from readers on

It is too invasive..... With a real name, anyone can find out where you live and work, telephone numbers etc. Not good. If someone has a problem with the anonymous posters, they can simply not join the conversations.

That said, I would guess that we do need to clean up the snarky attitudes, rotten replies and nasty mud slinging. Some of our readers and posters are very civil and I admire that, For this I say Thank-you.


barracuda 2 days, 14 hours ago on Letter - Allow competition for backflow assembly testing

Now THAT is funny.. Paco..... It took me a second to equate the two things... Backflow and Milk of Magnesia...........

Hey, maybe we should get some for our city council to use it..... And stop being so "plugged" up


barracuda 3 days, 3 hours ago on Letter - Initiative is way to get rid of guns

I didn't realize the NRA followed my beliefs so closely. Sorry, those are my beliefs........ And I cannot believe anyone can think it is possible to remove the guns already out there............


barracuda 3 days, 5 hours ago on Letter - Initiative is way to get rid of guns

Thanks for the moral lesson: Lastly, please don't speed and brake the law on highway 12...well doing 5 or 10 miles above the speed limit, is OK! After all everybody does it!

I will call most of the rejected gun buyers "gray area" buyers. Since it cannot be a black and white issue. Some people need are felons due to non-violent crimes, abd don't have a need for violence. ( I wont go there on the issue of gun ownership of this group) Sure, I agree that some wanna-be shooters were weeded out and some were stopped from gun purchases. And even one is worth some headaches.

But, most (very high percentage) of bad guy shooters were able to steal a legitimate purchased gun illegitimately, and some were gotten from a "fence" with no paper trail... And any of these two sources will never, never be curbed.

As far as the rest of your entry.... I think we will disagree......... I don't see any way that anyone will be able to make the bad guys give up the millions of weapons (including but definitely not limited to... guns, kitchen knives, hunting knives, bombs, drugs, and automobiles) just because there are laws prohibiting these goons from owning them.....


barracuda 4 days, 8 hours ago on Letter - Initiative is way to get rid of guns

Paco1234.......... Just how do you plan on getting all of the guns registered? It will only get the law abiding citizens to register their gun(s). The people who "Bather the heck out of you" will still have their illegal guns.

If a idiot wants to hurt and kill he can do it many ways........ i.e. Drive a car on a board walk or go after students with common kitchen knives. (both of these are recent history)

While you and I agree something needs to be done.... But it is obvious this is more gun control than safety of others. It needs to happen by education not spending millions of dollars and making more worthless laws!

If the law becomes stiffer.... and I have my guns in a gun safe, and a trigger lock in place, and I am registered/licensed to own these guns. And a idiot comes into my home while I am gone, then breaks all of locks and then drills out my trigger lock, and then steals my guns.... what have you accomplished? Nothing! I have done my part to prohibit the common thief from getting my guns, but they are now using my guns for illegal uses....... Would that mean you want more laws to put me in jail?


barracuda 1 week ago on Letter - Burden of funding schools is shared by all

Fatherof5... CP only has one bond on the books right now, correct? And we have two, correct? So, unless I have it incorrect the difference of CP and WW are not as far apart as is thought.........


barracuda 1 week, 2 days ago on Letter - Bond isn’t in long-term best interest of Wa-Hi

Fatherof5....... Is the "no disruption" worth the millions of dollars? I too see this letter as very informative. It answers some very good questions.