barracuda 1 day, 21 hours ago on Letter - Punishing walkers, bikers not way to stop accidents

While this most of this letter is spot on target... I have one disagreement that I would like to comment on....

RE:........ "I hate to rain on the parade of City Council and city officials, but addressing the problem of bicycle and pedestrian accidents by ticketing cyclists and pedestrians who do not follow the rules of the road or city ordinances would be ineffectual in reducing accidents; and would only discourage further walking and biking, which we know is good for health and conservation of resources."

Did I miss something about this amazing thought process..... they are not to ticket a pedestrian or bike rider for infractions, just so we don't discourage them from the healthy transportation? Really? It seems that a infraction is still a infraction..... walking riding or driving.... we all have to obey the rules!


barracuda 1 day, 21 hours ago on Letter - Don’t be too quick to judge handicapped parking

RE:...... "Do I have a handicapped placard? No, but I do qualify and I won’t hesitate to apply for one if I truly feel I need one. I just don’t want to be judged on a good day when I look like everyone else."

How about on the days you feel good, you park like we have to and let the people who happen feel bad that day park in the handicapped stall.


barracuda 6 days, 11 hours ago on Letter - If Aviary can’t be funded, how would pool?

Can you say.. taxes?

And it would be only WW City residents that would get saddled with the bill.......

I am all for a pool.... But it should be "user plays... user pays"


barracuda 6 days, 11 hours ago on Letter - Voters can hear candidates at Wednesday’s forum

RE: We are excited that 12 of the 14 candidates have agreed to participate..........

Any word as to which of the candidates are not able to be present?


barracuda 6 days, 11 hours ago on Driver charged with vehicular homicide in Sunday crash

Re: could be sentenced to up to four years in prison under the state’s standard-range sentencing laws..........

Wow..... Her family is going to suffer for the rest of their entire lives....

And our D.A. only has this option? For a habitual problem driver.... Sad!


barracuda 1 week, 1 day ago on Letter - Brown has compassion, education to be coroner

Please read these stories:

WWUB Story #1)

WWUB Story #2)

And wasn't there allegations that were printed in the UB (I cannot find this article at this time) that stated Mr. Brown was not allowed onto/into the St. Mary's Medical Center without a staff member/security officer escort?


barracuda 1 week, 4 days ago on Letter - Unattended motor vehicle law prompts question

I can only imagine what the comments would be if it were Mr. Cooper that this happened to.

Would it be this big of a deal? Or would it be a bigger deal?

Would this many people would be willing to look the other way when it comes to the law.....


barracuda 1 week, 5 days ago on Letter - We can’t afford four more years of Turner

You are correct...

"Everyone has a right to their own opinion even if they are wrong"...................


barracuda 1 week, 5 days ago on Letter - We can’t afford four more years of Turner

Hear ye.... Hear ye.....

In the future please run all personal feelings through "Mythoughts".....