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Fatherof5... CP only has one bond on the books right now, correct? And we have two, correct? So, unless I have it incorrect the difference of CP and WW are not as far apart as is thought.........


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Fatherof5....... Is the "no disruption" worth the millions of dollars? I too see this letter as very informative. It answers some very good questions.


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Thanks WWguy7....

Question.... (And this could influence my vote)... Could the roles be reversed? Say if the WW bond doesn't pass, could CP take us over? Since the district has already attempted bonds in the past.. Is this a real threat to our schools?


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Did we miss something in the letter? Just because she is "so publically passionate" about something does not mean she cant have other passions... And maybe they are higher on her "passion" list....

As for her not coordinating with Stampede, I do believe, the Stampede has made it very clear, they are no longer wanting to do anything other than launch Balloons....

It seems she is trying to fill a void left in our town from the changes to the Stampede, Way to go, Mrs. Pierce


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While I agree Wa-Hi is in dire need of repairs, I still believe it could wait until 2018, when three things will happen. 1st) We have a currant school bond on the books, that will mature on that date. 2nd) We will have a better understanding of the CP-Hi impact on Wa-Hi. 3rd) It might mean we will be more accepting to a "Major" bond in where we can maybe... just maybe, go for a bond to rebuild Wa-Hi to a standard that is yet to be determined due to the CP impact. As it is now, we are all but guaranteed to see another bond on top of this currant bond (if it passes).

This is the latest of two attempts at a Wa-Hi bond, and using a total of $60,000.00 of our money, to pass a bond (using above posted numbers). This is a bond that even (reported in UB) the special appointed committee said to wait on. Why not wait at least until there is more needs for ballots, not a single item etc.

Also, I have looked and have not been able to find a posting in a previous letter to the editor and/or the feedback that as in the CP bond, if CP's 3rd time's a charm bond would have failed, we, the WWS District would be able to or forced to (???) to take over their school district.. Could someone explain is that true? And could that happen here, in reverse? (maybe Father of 5?)

I guess I need to make up my mind, as my ballot is still waiting to be filled out. Time to get off the fence, huh?

Signed, not Bill Anderson


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re: Downhiller............. That cool, now we have two "Bill Anderson's" from Walla Walla....... Wait.... unless, you fought crime as Batman?