barracuda 4 days, 16 hours ago on Letter - A real-life socialist has appeared on the scene

Can you please enlighten us to what you believe he is?

Because, I can find several differing versions of what he said... And what others believe he means etc. And it seems (at times) the two can easily go hand in hand.....


barracuda 6 days, 15 hours ago on Letter - You have to work to achieve peace

It is interesting to remember just who was in office and what their stance and how they voted... And now how they are trying to retract that vote.... Interesting facts sometimes are just annoying facts!

1st) "Then-senators Biden and Kerry joined Clinton in voting in favor of the war resolution."

2nd) "Charles Schumer said yes. So did Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California. Heck, even Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid of Nevada voted for the resolution."

3rd) ...."Therefore, subsequent claims by Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Joe Biden, Harry Reid and other leading Democratic supporters of the war that they were unaware of the likely consequences of the invasion are completely false".

4th) Dems who voted for the war: Bayh (D-IN) Biden (D-DE) Breaux (D-LA) Cantwell (D-WA) Carnahan (D-MO) Carper (D-DE) Cleland (D-GA) Clinton (D-NY ) Daschle (D-SD) Dodd (D-CT) Dorgan (D-ND) Edwards (D-NC ) Feinstein (D-CA) Harkin (D-IA) Hollings (D-SC) Johnson (D-SD) Kerry (D-MA) Kohl (D-WI) Landrieu (D-LA) Lieberman (D-CT) Lincoln (D-AR) Miller (D-GA) Nelson (D-FL) Nelson (D-NE) Reid (D-NV) Rockefeller (D-WV) Schumer (D-NY) Torricelli (D-NJ)

6th) If all of the offending "yea" senators had access to all of the same intelligence that President Bush had. And yet they voted to invade and start war, Why is it ok for them to have made a mistake on the voting of the war... and we are expected to be ok with that "new" stance? But not ok to accept the concept that Bush might have made a mistaken reference to the intelligence on the invasion?....

And... and please refresh your memory on the elegant speech of Senator John Kerry in front of the senate denouncing wars and anyone who is in the administration inflicting of any war...... There are rumors are Kerry and/or Biden might run again in 2016.....


barracuda 2 weeks, 2 days ago on Weedery push to open called ‘craven effort’

My take on this subject?

Procrastination on Mr. Crew's part does not make it a emergency to the City.

He will have to go through the same process as every one else........


barracuda 1 month ago on Letter - Put roundabouts on the ballot

I agree, put it to a vote of us the citizens. And please include all available information of all traffic accidents. And show a comparison to other intersection(s) with similar usage. It would be a very interesting poll.


barracuda 1 month ago on Letter - What is Bernie Sanders’ appeal to young voters?

I don't care what Mr. Philpots letter says.... It seems that Sanders admits to being a Socialist.........


barracuda 1 month ago on Letter - What is Bernie Sanders’ appeal to young voters?

Reference your statement: If you look with an open mind at Bernie Sanders' actual policy proposals, they often reflect mainstream majority opinions.
How are you defining mainstream? Remember how the "mainstream" voted how this last House and Senate election......

I don't think it was to the "mainstreams" likening. Must not be as large of a mainstream as the big TV talking heads try to make it sound.


barracuda 1 month ago on Letter - What is Bernie Sanders’ appeal to young voters?

NewinWW...... I agree with you.... This fact that Trump and Sanders (both outsiders) are doing well in the polls right now does show that we as Americans are getting VERY tired of the business as usual in DC!

But reference your statement of: Bernie Sanders isn't a socialist......... It seems you are defending someone who fully admits to it.

Please consider these web sights :













While there is a lot more, I quit listing them due to the fact they were becoming repetitive........

I personally like the Washington Post, Rolling Stone and On Politics articles


barracuda 1 month ago on Op-Ed - US Highway 12 improvements just down the road

The best part of this package is the Ninth/Plaza/125 intersection. The round-a-bout will alleviate the lights and make it safer with the possibility of less T-bone accidents. And while making it safer it has a bonus component, it also keeps traffic moving with no stopping for traffic lights (sometimes two cycles).

And Oldguyonbike..... I would bet..... In the engineering there is a solution to have a safer bike/pedestrian crossing. It has to be safer than the current ways of crossing. We see stories in the WWUB all of the time on how well WW handles pedestrians and bikes.


barracuda 1 month ago on Letter - Buffer zone for marijuana needed for Eastgate

I would guess that a few years ago, this scenario unfolded in this little city....

A man, who was a hard working owner of a local grocery/mercantile store, went to the WW City council. He asked for permission to sell a legal moonshine type substance. There were some hard feelings and complaining from the local citizens when the city fathers allowed the man to start to sell the evil spirits.

Fast forward a few years..... Alcohol sales tax is a large part of a community survival.

To get marijuana to the consumer has to go through a lot of regulations. It is now legal in WA. State, we now have it as a way of life...