barracuda 2 weeks, 1 day ago on City awaits Memorial Pool rebuilding study

Is this another bond issue? Great timing of this story, just as elections are coming............


barracuda 2 weeks, 5 days ago on Letter - Dare to say no to Wa-Hi bond

Question WWGUY7............

What about us who went on a tour and still have a problem? I have attempted to educate myself about this, but still have some reservations....... Sorry, I am having some difficulty in seeing all of the points being talked about....... I guess I still need to decide and to hurry.


barracuda 2 weeks, 6 days ago on Letter - Why are property taxes going up so much?

Then couple this new tax to the State School tax, Library support, EMS levy, Fire Dist. 4 support, Road taxes .... And combine these all into one bill and WOW! That's one of my points.... Somewhere we need to draw some strings.

And another point: (and I am going to get heat for this) I have wanted to pay off some bills first....I know we have a bond due to end sometime in or around 2018... Are we going to get any new bonds between now and then? I was all for waiting until 2018 and paying bills off and then maybe float a bond for WA-HI at that time. By then we can see what impact CP-HI has on WA-HI. I don't care what others have said (and their have been many comments) about the non-impact of 25% of our students leaving, I see it having a major impact, and I want to review WA-HI's needs after it happens.

And still another point: I am having a hard time getting in step with the school board.... For example: They commission a group to study the options in bonds and building needs etc. And the panel came back with their recommendations the WWPS Board disregarded its finding.

1 more point.... I believe Lincoln is in worse shape overall than the needs in a science building at WA-HI. Can anyone say for certain that we will not see (in another year or two) a bond for Lincoln too?


barracuda 2 weeks, 6 days ago on Walla Walla superintendent a finalist for job on West side

This is a moot point now......... According to a press release, they hired a different person for that job, so he is no longer in the running for the job.


barracuda 3 weeks ago on Letter - New science building is too much

And I want all voters to do so with knowledge not hearsay..... As I have tried to do. Although some say otherwise, I want a level playing field. This should pass or fail on its own merits not misinformation.