barracuda 2 weeks, 6 days ago on Letter - Take active role in marijuana hearings

She is asking for people to attend the meetings.... This could backfire on her.... If a lot of supporters attend, it will not go good for her....


barracuda 3 weeks ago on Ninth-Plaza Way roundabout on 2015 legislative agenda for Council

Vehicles need to be able to go south on Plaza to Tietan from Northbound 125.... Ambulances go regularly from MF to General Hospital and Orchard has Garrison's school zone, so that is not a good idea.


barracuda 3 weeks ago on Ninth-Plaza Way roundabout on 2015 legislative agenda for Council


A lot of what you saying is good idea... But it adds up to a lot of dollars..........

I would bet some engineer has attempted to fit the puzzle pieces together and try to come up with a workable scenario... And I would bet a roundabout still would be cheaper.... And with less costly property acquisition.


barracuda 3 weeks ago on Letter - PGE claims about windmills are lot of hot air

I was starting to wonder if he had moved away from Dayton, as it seems that he has missed a few months of complaining about the windmills.

He posts one about every few months.... Using several ingenious reasons these evil machines should be outlawed and removed.... Bird killers, red lights too bright, wasted power etc. But wasting money paying for land rental is my favorite.


barracuda 3 weeks, 2 days ago on Ninth-Plaza Way roundabout on 2015 legislative agenda for Council

Oldguy...... Hey I would make a large bet you would support a package if it included a dedicated bike path............ Right?


barracuda 3 weeks, 3 days ago on Recycling rate dips in Washington

A few years ago, I called BDI for some information... This is what I was told.........

It seems that we pay extra for recycling, and the company receiving money when they turn in the contents of the truck. They get paid twice for the recycle program. It seems to me to be a deterrent to want to recycle.

Walla Walla's BDI uses its trucks to do both... Recycling on certain days... And the same trucks may do trash the next day.

BDI is a very large firm, in several states.... So trading trucks from city to city is common, and they are all painted similar etc. Just the writing on the side may say, BDI of Yakima, WW, Tri-cities etc....

Twice a year, CP rents BDI's truck at times to do brush pickups etc. I asked because I have seen some CP Public Works employees driving a BDI truck on occasion.


barracuda 1 month ago on Officials: Pool bond more costly than previously stated

Question......... Will the City maintain this facility? Or will they let the pool go like they did Memorial Pool? What condition will it be in in 20 years? Will we go thru this again then?


barracuda 1 month, 1 week ago on Voters should continue to reject a new pool

Mr. Filan,

I disagree, WW needs a pool! But I think we need a simple pool design not a Aquatic Water Complex. I just wish the council would have listened to the majority... not the vocal few.... (70% x 59% per the pole)

Question.... what if the 13% (undecided) votes with the no pool voters? And the pool drowns again for the 4th time? Just ask the school district how well that goes over..... (We need to remember our school board will be asking for a much needed school bond in the near future, before this pool bond matures)

Also, I might give a little advice.......

In a previous letter to the editor the writer of the letter used the in your face term of "Go big or go home"......... wow, lighten up, because if that is the attitude of this committee.... there might be a lot of young kids "going home" to play in a sprinkler... not going to a pool... You are going to have to do a lot of convincing people to spend more of their money on a "wish list" pool, not a minimum equipped but very adequate pool. You cannot bully people on a fixed income to voluntary give more to pool that they will not ever use....


barracuda 1 month, 1 week ago on Inslee’s budget plan praised, panned

Re: "The only people that praised this plan was Liberal politicians....."

That includes most of the liberal west side of Wash. State.............