barracuda 2 weeks, 4 days ago on Port to hold hearing Tuesday on proposed downtown land deal

I think this is a great Idea....... It seems to me that there is little difference in this purchase and the Port giving assistance in buying/building other buildings and leasing them to private companies like Coca-Cola, Iowa Beef, Boise Paper, Rail-ex, Key Tech, Bindery, or the Color Press etc.

These buildings have been on the real-estate market for a while with no sale, so it is not in competition with private investors etc. If they can turn it into a mini-mall, wineries, parking or other useful businesses, which seems to me to be beneficial to all.

Obviously the car dealership must want to move elsewhere and have a better building... otherwise they would buy it.


barracuda 2 weeks, 5 days ago on Letter - Walla Walla County Sheriff’s Office needs Hispanic deputies

Actually it is a volunteer job.... no pay...... many hours of training, many hours of hard work to get on board. CPPD is the only Police department in the area that pays a reserve officer for their time on the job.


barracuda 3 weeks, 1 day ago on Cantwell’s call to eliminate Redskins name might succeed

FYI..... Please don't just look at the "white people". The poles that I saw showed a good share of the people who were against the change were blacks!

I cant find it right now, and I will continue to try to find it for reference.


barracuda 3 weeks, 6 days ago on Extreme gun control

Or.... you could use the training to STOP the cop killers and Terrorists....

Do you think if this bill passes it will make those bad guys stop doing bad things?


barracuda 3 weeks, 6 days ago on Letter - Bombing is not right approach to ISIS

I forgot about needing to clarify everything for the "righteous few"! I defiantly don't want to be accused of spreading "B.S."

I should have realized that it is a lot more fun and a lot easier to chastise and belittle than to do a simple Google search of the story, and view several different versions of this story........ this explains a lot.....

The same story is here too: Huffington Post

And Here: Examiner

How about this one: Calgary Sun

Not enough? Try this one too: Global News

Again, I am truly sorry to not clarify it more for you! I hope to show, as you said "more courage" in the future.


barracuda 3 weeks, 6 days ago on City backs purchase option for downtown property

I bet CP would like the Ford Dealership..... Out by the Honda Dealer is a lot of unused property.....

Come on WW Wake up!


barracuda 4 weeks ago on Letter - Don’t be too quick to judge handicapped parking

Hey, Mythoughts....

Go back a re-read my comment! I see one of two things here:

1) You are reading into something just because you want to argue and to pick a fight


2) you misread my statement. And if so, Education is good for everyone.....

There is no judging anybody in my comment! I just said that if a person has a good day, he/she should leave the close parking spots to other who need them. Not everybody does this.... I know that there some who abuses this privilege on a regular basis! There are also people who uses a family members car and it has a tag on the mirror and they abuse the privilege. I know for a fact that some Police Officers check ID of drivers of cars just to see if they fall under the state guidelines.

Also, I have a family member who needs and uses a Wa. St. issued license plate/placard.... She uses the spots when she feels the need... other times she parks just as you and I do and lets the people who need it use the handicap spots. FYI... She also complains about the abuse....


barracuda 4 weeks ago on Letter - Bombing is not right approach to ISIS

Here is a scary video..... It has been shown on several web sights etc. While I cannot vouch for its authenticity I can say it is a very scary scenario....

See the video here