barracuda 2 weeks, 3 days ago on MumFoo: Organizers bring festival veteran to help city prepare

It has been stated somewhere... (I cant remember where now) but, the tour is paying for this representative to be here now, and after the concert until the cleanup in done....... This all on the tours dime.


barracuda 2 weeks, 3 days ago on Kerry: State Department will move to review Clinton emails

I have tried to find the original paper article to use as a reference, (not able to find at this time, will keep trying to locate)

But....... The White House originally attempted to act shocked when this was first leaked.... But it is now obvious it was well known to the administration........ Check out the story on MSNBC

"The State Department did not initially retain records of Clinton's personal emails. Clinton’s team recently selected and turned over 55,000 pages of emails in response to a State Department request. "

Imagin that....... A chosen "selection" of emails....

"Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.), the chairman of the House committee ..... said there are gaps of time in the emails that Clinton submitted."

Again...... imagine that..... I guess this is the new normal and I shouldn't expect any different from our next sure lock Democratic Presidential nominee........ Especially if the Republican Party allows this type normal from the White House......


barracuda 2 weeks, 5 days ago on Letter - Hydropower not been replaced by wind power

Think about when the Dams were installed.... No EPA regulations, there fore there is all kinds of stuff in the deep, deep mud. If the water goes out to the original waterways, just think about the stench and mud that the 100 ft of "new" beach front it will leave. The old pictures of Wallula Gap area show that the trees were just cut down and left to rot on the bottom of the water. I am sure it similar on the Snake river too.

The stumps, limbs, and trunks were left to "create fish habitats." Think of all of the garbage, cars, and stuff people have just dumped in the river... All creating a rotting stinking mess.... That will take years and millions (if not Billions) of dollars to remove, or left to nature to reclaim into natural park areas.

If then think if they attempted this with the Columbia River.... Think of the Oregon towns of Arlington, Biggs Jct., Hood River and The Dalles. All of the tourism, hotels, recreational areas will draw to a close because of the rotting mud left in their front yard. Hood River has ESPN televised national Championship wind surfing every year... All gone! I am sure it will have a similar hardship on the Snake River towns.

Now, go down river and think of the waterfront district of Portland and then think of the loss of jobs, restaurants and recreations areas, just to name a few losses .

And then think of the transportation side of it.... All of the barge's etc.
It will mean a lot more rail traffic, highway traffic etc.


barracuda 3 weeks ago on Letter - Citizens should have been asked about concert

The only way this will succeed is if it truly does bring in the 12 mil to the local economy.... The damage done to our infrastructure will easily go away if that type of money truly comes in.

Looking into this type of concerts history, it is very interesting.... They love little out of the way towns... It pumps the economy up....

One web sight stated: one of the biggest complaints were that the local stores were not able to keep the store shelves stocked with product..... Hmmmm, sounds like a win-win situation. A sold out store should make some happy owners.


barracuda 3 weeks, 4 days ago on Family mourns victim of Pasco police shooting

I am all for letting the wheels of Justice roll at their own pace..... Here is some issues I have. If the PPD is found negligent, they need to be held accountable...

re: "This has got to stop,” “This is not justice.” ...........

What happens if it is found that this is a legit shooting? Can Pasco stand this type of finding?

re: Local authorities have shot and killed five men since last summer, evidence that change is needed in training, she said."

#“When I was growing up, there were no police shootings,” she said. Activists plan another march Saturday in the city.

My observation.....What has the crime rate done during her lifetime span? Gang population? School graduation ratios? Illegal drug sales rates?


barracuda 4 weeks ago on Editorial: Jail mug shots should be public record

What is the big deal, every person in the WW County Jail already has all of their info posted on a public website. Any one can access the roster by just looking at the WW Co. Sheriff's office website and following the link to the Jail.....

If adding their mugshot to the mix make a convicted offender more noticeable when released, isn't that worth it?


barracuda 1 month ago on Letter - Is sun in drivers’ eyes an excuse?

I wil stop the conversation now.... as I do not wish to offend with more arguing....

Obviously again, we do not agree on who is ultimately responsible for the bike riders safety.


barracuda 1 month ago on Letter - Is sun in drivers’ eyes an excuse?

Just remember... He didn't know she was there....

And it is also the responsibility of a bike rider to ride responsible too, it has not been proven where in the lane she was riding...