campbell_rd 1 day, 9 hours ago on Cooper aims to restore trust in Sheriff’s Office

As a taxpayer I'm furious about the constant play on words and mis-truth's coming from a person who won't work for a living (Mr Cooper). Sitting at home or at his gym is not cost effective for tax payers. Also there is no lack of trust at the Sheriffs office, I'm there a lot more than Mr Cooper is a definite fact. I talk to the deputies all the time, they are happy and so are the citizens that are now safer than ever.


campbell_rd 1 day, 9 hours ago on Walla Walla County sheriff candidates spar at forum

As for Mr Coopers remark: In regards to the light duty question, Cooper said Turner had “offered me a job as a receptionist at 16 hours a week and about a third of my wage and I politely declined because I thought that was a move politically to discredit me and to humiliate me.”

In other words he will waste tax payers money before taking a slightly humiliating job (his words, to most of us - a job is a job). We have been assured that he would not have lost pay! I want a sheriff that has more concern for the job and less for his own ideals (pride over anything else). I know that I would have taken any job offered in a position where I was medically unable to do the job I was hired to do. Having a light duty job is offered in lieu of being a full time deputy, if this was too good for him and he isn't good enough to be the sheriff. But that's my view of ethics and I don't want an unethical sheriff. Sheriff Turner is a very ethical person based on my three years of knowing him and working with him as a volunteer.


campbell_rd 4 days, 22 hours ago on Letter - Turner has made things better at WW County Sheriff’s Office

Four of five deputies want John Turner out of office, please show proof of this, because while working with Search and Rescue I know this not to be true. That would equate to 80% of the staff wanting John out. Please stop spreading incorrect facts!


campbell_rd 4 days, 22 hours ago on Letter - Sheriff John Turner is a terrific asset

More and more deputies and people who have met and worked with John Turner are coming out in support. Yet all Aurora can say is about the grammar? I also support John Turner, I know him, I've worked with him as a volunteer. (I hope my grammar was okay)


campbell_rd 2 weeks, 2 days ago on Letter - Let’s discuss what is really disgusting!

I've been involved (as a volunteer) with the Sheriff's office for over two years now, and in that time I've met most of the officers and prison guards. Yet I have never actually met Tom Cooper in person. I've seen him at public events and only one of the recent debates as he campaigns. I can't/won't vote for someone who constantly slams a good man - Sheriff Turner? I have had the honor of cross training with our local SWAT team and several of the prison guards. I firmly believe in Sheriff Turner because I know him personally and I trust him completely and his deputies to keep me safe.


campbell_rd 1 month ago on Letter - Letter on Tom Cooper’s bad knee was disgusting

During the debate (by Chamber of commerce) Mr Cooper was specifically if he was fit for duty, he evaded the question. It is a very honest and legitimate concern. Is he fit for duty or not? If so why has he not worked for two years now?


campbell_rd 1 month ago on Letter - Sadly, money seems to buy elections today

I believe the numbers reported as spent on the campaign were misleading by a few candidates. If money spent is really a big issue, then maybe an actual audit done on both Sheriff candidates to see the true spending would help. Regardless of the money spent I personally have witnessed Sheriff Turners actions and commitment to the community over the last three years. I also interact with most of his staff regularly and they are quite happy, except for a few who happened to want to be sheriff. To me there is only one choice for Sheriff this November. Our great Sheriff, John Turner.


campbell_rd 1 month ago on At this time, what's your thinking on the race for Walla Walla County sheriff?

Why not do an accurate poll, one that honestly picks the feelings of the voters? This poll that allows people to vote many times and doesn't allow some to vote at all is pretty worthless.

We can do better than this in Walla Walla.


campbell_rd 1 month, 2 weeks ago on Letter - Time for Cooper and Blackman to ‘step up’

Sheriff Turner is respectful, knows the law extremely well (very important for Sheriff) and was present at all of the public debates. Where were the other two candidates at the debate earlier this week? Absent again, Mr Blackman was working (evidently didn't try to take time off) and Mr Cooper didn't show and didn't even respect us enough to say why he couldn't attend. Cooper and Blackman are always complaining instead of making constructive criticism. I voted for Sheriff Turner I hope you will too, but even if you don't vote for Sheriff Turner at least vote for someone.