campbell_rd 3 months, 1 week ago on Duck Dynasty has jackasses shooting off their mouths

I find it quite odd that a speaker talking about God and Country be hated so much. Perhaps Mr Robertson is a bit blunt to some, but the reaction by articles such as this one show the true bigotry in the country today. Please listen to the entire interview with GQ, not the quick sound bites played by the media.

The only real bigotry I have seen lately is coming from the people like Mr Hiltzik, who "hate" opposing view points. Always playing the "race" card and "hating" anyone who openly against the mighty homosexual and radical minority (including race baiters). I believe it is still a free country and I for one Love God and Country. I served several years in the military in order to allow hateful authors like this one, which he is entitled to his opinion. However jaded it may be.

His quote: "In the old days, news that public funds (via the Louisiana state film and television incentive program) had helped finance racism and gay-bashing of the variety espoused by Phil Robertson, the outspoken duck dynast, would have presented a moral dilemma and created a political embarrassment for a governor."

This is such a misleading statement (lie) that it makes me cringe. I admit that many, many years ago racism was allowed, but today it's one way racism. Only with blacks can they claim racism. In the old days gay meant "happy", there were no homosexuals on TV and public funds were spent on morally good shows, but those days are gone!

Also why is he singling out Governor Jindal and Ms Palin? Oh I forgot only Republicans are evil, hateful people. I think not! At least that's on Christian veteran's opinion.


campbell_rd 3 months, 2 weeks ago on Backers hope to put Oregon Equal Rights Amendment on fall ballot

We have equality, it's called the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Maybe if we used them as intended we wouldn't have these issues. Any more laws will give special rights, not equal rights!


campbell_rd 5 months, 3 weeks ago on Truckers impatience with Tea Party grows

I don't believe this to be an accurate story, I know several truckers and they support the Tea Party Republicans. It's the Democrats that have enacted so many laws and regulations that have severely harmed the truckers. We don't need more taxes or regulations right now!!! We especially don't need more "revenue"

“It was a chintzy bill that does not provide the revenue to do what needs to be done to get America back to being No. 1, and to provide long-term certainty to people who build roads and bridges and other infrastructure,” said LaHood, a former Illinois Republican representative.

Note the buzz word "revenue" the true word is TAXES. If Obama, Reid and the Senate would work with all of Congress a real honest budget (not a CR) then maybe some of this would get paid for without increasing our TAX burden (which is already way too high).


campbell_rd 6 months, 2 weeks ago on Nation doesn’t believe threats in Congress are real

If they close off the National Monuments and try to make us feel the pain, then why don't they stop collecting taxes too?


campbell_rd 6 months, 2 weeks ago on Does political right want to stop Obamacare?

Why is it that the people behind Obama and his health care atrocity are so demeaning to anyone who disagrees? Why hasn't the Senate passed a budget in 5 years? If anyone studies history the Republican party ended slavery, so how are they racist again? The majority of the people I speak with (a wide range of people) think Obama is a terrible president and could care less about his half black background. Race is not skin color it's pigmentation, most of us have some shade of it.

Stop and think for a second. More people covered with Obamacare, less doctors and it will save you money. Which only works if the millions of young (healthy) people signup and there is no incentive for them to do so... How can anyone think that is possible.

See intelligent dialog can be made without criticism.


campbell_rd 6 months, 3 weeks ago on Will Obamacare improve health insurance market?

Proof of this would be greatly appreciated. It is a published fact that there are thousands of "exemptions". This law should cover EVERYONE of be thrown out.


campbell_rd 6 months, 3 weeks ago on Will Obamacare improve health insurance market?

I have one simple fact to state: IF THIS PLAN/LAW IS GREAT, WHY ARE CONGRESS, UNIONS AND GOVT. WORKERS EXCLUDED??? Yes the caps are me shouting. If this Act becomes law and gets total funding then let's make it one plan for all with no exceptions!!!

The Law was enacted and Obama illegally changed several provisions and made exclusions.


campbell_rd 8 months, 3 weeks ago on Techniques can bring on drama, mystery to photographs

Great article, it's nice to see some friendly photo tips. Nicely categorized and thought provoking. I also use the rule of thirds almost without thinking. This means that the main center of attention is one third from the edge, both horizontally and vertically. I can't remember the last time I center and item in the frame.

Does anyone know of any local camera clubs? I'd be interested.


campbell_rd 9 months, 3 weeks ago on Senate passes major immigration measure

This is an Amnesty bill and it is shameful to those who follow our rule of laws and especially to those who fought hard to move to America following the rigorous legal route for citizenship. This is not meant to make us more secure, close our borders and it will kill the already weak economy.

The only advantage to this idiotic policy is to gain votes. The problem with more votes is that if the country goes bankrupt votes won't matter. Our only hope is that House will kill this idiotic bill upon arrival.