carcrazy 1 week, 4 days ago on Senate report: Spokane psychologists paid $80 million for torture program

Actually, you might be surprised how much the VA pays contact doctors. My assessment is far from ridiculous. Ask Paco how much he receives.


carcrazy 1 week, 4 days ago on Letter - Our world more complicated and violent

Open carry is a lot different from open menacing, the first may be legal, but the second is a crime.


carcrazy 1 week, 6 days ago on Senate report: Spokane psychologists paid $80 million for torture program

"Even in my retirement I still volunteer for treating veterans all across the Country."

Paco, this statement implies that you are donating your time, but that is not true, is it?

What was your standard rate of compensation for your “volunteer time”? $1,000/day?


carcrazy 1 month ago on Tire store gunman commits suicide

And what did you do for this veteran and his PTSD Paco?

Your argument about guns is pure BS. How about addressing the failure of the military in de-programming it's warriors.


carcrazy 3 months ago on Updated: Police investigate death of inmate at Walla Walla County Jail

Are you volunteering to examine every arrestee as they come into the jail? I'm sure there is policy in place on how to deal with suspected injuries or substance overdose, so, what you've done here is just speculate on possiblities without any facts of the case.


carcrazy 3 months, 2 weeks ago on Letter - ‘Sheriff John’ cares about people

That's not what I said George! I am disagreeing with cropcircles allegation that Turner refused to cooperate with finding a solution to the problem. He was a major contributing member of EMCAB, the group who solved the problem. I am one who likes to have the correct information before I comment on something, maybe you can do the same.