cayuse 1 year, 10 months ago on Storm sweeps through area, leaves mess

The storm affected Prescott and Waitsburg too. Prescott still looked dark this morning.


cayuse 1 year, 11 months ago on New windmills will not produce any electricity

All responders have good points, but one thing you are doing is pointing the finger at Mr Thorn who has quite a following but is one of the rare people who has the time and motivation to speak his and others mind. I'm on his side. I detest the windmills. They have taken away the beauty of this area and turned it in to a 'business' for those who can afford to own land where these windmills will go. Do they need the subsidies paid for each windmill per month? Probably not, but they are there with their hands out and say more...more...more.

I remember when the windmills were first proposed. Oh, they wouldn't be a problem to wildlife, and oh they are quiet, and oh best of all, your electrical bills are going down. Yeah, down the tubes. My bill has increased at least 25% in the last two years. That's not a savings; it's a lie.

For those quick to criticize, please do your homework and see all sides of these monstrocities. I did because I liked the idea of renewable energy; clean energy. They are waste of money non-energy.