cougfan2759 2 weeks, 5 days ago on Letter - Fox News provides objective information

Unbelievably well said by fatherof5! I wish the Fox News watchers could branch out a bit ...


cougfan2759 2 months ago on Editorial - Governor must consider cuts before new taxes

Tax rates for state and local taxes are at their lowest rate per $1,000 since the 1960s in Washington State. Fox News, and their ilk, have done a masterful job of stating how "over taxed" we are in this country. They are flat out wrong. We are the lowest taxed of any western nation. However, we need services. We all drive on roads, want infrastructure to be sound, want to be protected and have good schools and services.

It costs money to do those things. It is the price we need to pay to live in this country. I am so tired of the "we are overtaxed" crowd. It simply is not true.


cougfan2759 3 months, 3 weeks ago on Letter - 60 percent of counties rejected I-594

Incongruous ... In what way? Election results are not based on counties. Over 60% of voters want some reasonable gun control. Most may live on the I-5 corridor but all votes count equally. Want to be rural and carry the day? Move to Wyoming.


cougfan2759 4 months ago on Letter - Gun-ban crowd never lets facts get in its way

How dare you ... a "coincidental” gun tragedy ... tell that to the people in Marysville. The gun was legally purchased and three youth are dead, two have had their lives radically altered and once more the NRA and its ilk merely say, bring more guns.

594 will pass, 591 will fail. Critical mass is moving in our country for sensible gun control laws.


cougfan2759 4 months, 1 week ago on Editorial - Police chief’s disingenuous election stand is insulting

This editorial is flat out wrong. The Chief, who has done and is continuing to do, a great job in replacing Chuck Fulton ... who was here forever ... is in a terrible spot. He has balanced the need to work with the Sheriff and try to remain impartial. I believe he has done this very well.

When the dust settles, the U-B will once again be seen as merely "stirring the pot" trying to get a rise out of people. It is sad. The paper should be reporting news, not trying to make it.

Poorly done.


cougfan2759 7 months ago on New group takes on local underage drinking, drugging

Thank you for working in this issue WW community. It is a huge problem. So many adults, many who voted against marijuana legalization, think alcohol is just fine for kids.


cougfan2759 7 months ago on New hotel in the works for Walla Walla

Really ... why should a hotel put in a waterpark? Why can't their be a "public" option for Walla Walla.

I know you were suggesting this in jest, but I am so frustrated that we cannot seem to find a way to build and/or operate a public pool.


cougfan2759 7 months, 1 week ago on Letter - Richard Greenwood is right man for the job!

I had the opportunity to work with the Coroner's Office during a community tragedy and could not have been more impressed with the professionalism and compassion displayed by Mr. Greenwood and the assistant coroner.


cougfan2759 10 months, 1 week ago on McMorris Rodgers campaigns in Walla Walla

Our representative continues to vote the Republican party line, especially on immigration. I wish she would, at least once, consider the needs of our district and not simply the GOP leadership's wishes.