cressjc 3 years ago on Theft at Helpline puts agency, clients at risk

As a long-time friend and supporter of Helpline and a former board member and chair, I want to affirm Executive Director, Dan Willms, and Board Chair, Sharon Longmire, for their responsible actions to quickly address a serious breach of breach of protocol by a staff member and for their continuing commitment to Helpline's vital role in our community.

Helpline remains a dedicated corps of compassionate professionals and volunteers who care for those most in need of the emergency social services they directly provide and network with other agencies to provide. The positive steps already taken by Helpline's effective board leaders and staff give me confidence that, in the face of this present challenge, the organization will continue to serve the Walla Walla Valley with the high level of integrity that has characterized its work throughout is long and honorable history.

Helpline continues to be deserving of our community's appreciation and strong support.

John C. Cress