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And let's not forget the perks you're receiving by supporting Turner. Elaborate, expensive training in LA, a dog that sends you to more training so that you dont have to work the 12 hour shifts you say are so great and the extra paid time with your "volunteer" hours with search and rescue You will see soon what over half the voters of Walla Walla see Vote absolutely NO for Turner


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the replacement of that system took years because Sheriff John as you call him refused to cooperated and problem solve a solution . As that system cost money, Sheriff John spent thousands on unnecessary equipment when the money should have been spent on the radio system - where the true emergency was.

Turner is not a highly skilled leader. If he were he would have b een promoted into management in LA. He would have stayed an attorney and worked his way to partner. He would not have run Ash Hollow into the ground. His record is not one of leadership at all. Spending money that he doesn't have. Well, now that he's good at.


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So nice of you Margaret Schacht's daughter to put your name at the bottom of a letter that Turner wrote about himself.


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Under Humphreys the SWAT was ran by the city. Then Turner gets elected and put Freyer in charge of the SWAT. Freyer returns to California and then the City takes the SWAT team back. It seems like the City wasn't happy with the way it was run under Turner. Had they been, they wouldn't have taken it back.

Seriously, Loudermilk its a good thing you did take an opening with the PD because with all the California hires Turner does there won't be an opening at the County for decades. Funny that that doesn't seem to matter to the few deputies supporting Turner. Don't they get it. Turner doesn't think ANYONE at the sheriffs office is competent enough to be in upper management. Turner is only using them to try to stay in office. He knows that if he's not elected, he has to move. This town knows his true colors.


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You're absolutely right. I read the article you reference. It's either a training issue or a disciplinary issue. I wonder if the training was provided by someone who didn't understand the law. Sheriff Turner did only practice for 2 years. He read alot in school about "how" to be an attorney" but didn't actually cut it as one.


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Yes that's right Hersey. Turner said it's either this low paying clerical job or go home and collect a check "that I'll later accuse you of being fiscally irresponsible".

Kimandad - is this being fiscally conservative? The sheriff spends thousands on guns that he and 1/3 of the deputies don't use. Sheriff spends thousands on training from a company that he owns stock in. (that one is even unethical) Sheriff spends thousands on training that staff in the sheriff's office can do. Sheriff spends thousands on uniforms that now cost more to maintain that the previous ones.

the Sheriff is a spoiled only child who's always gotten the best of everything. A spoiled child who gets the latest, greatest toy even when the gently used one is fine. His behavior has n't stopped. The only thing is that he's replaced his parents with Ash Hollow and now the county tax payers. Stop him and vote Cooper.


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I normally go several days, but $10 was too much. I agree Jan, the pavillion is one big marketing arena.


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Coopers goals are listed on his flyer and website. What is missing, however, is Turner's personnel file. You say that the voters have a right to this information if we are to make an informed choice. He hides behind a closed, sealed file - the voters deserve to know what's in there. Turner got my vote the first time, but too many lies and half truths for me to vote for him twice. And for the command staff, Turner kept that a secret during his campaign. On the other hand, Cooper has made it clear about appointing from within office to the command positions. Good deputies with solid experience right here in WW, deputies who've worked hard, trained and earned the next level of supervision.