cropcircles 11 months, 2 weeks ago on Letter - Cooper honest, passionate about law enforcement

Yes that's right Hersey. Turner said it's either this low paying clerical job or go home and collect a check "that I'll later accuse you of being fiscally irresponsible".

Kimandad - is this being fiscally conservative? The sheriff spends thousands on guns that he and 1/3 of the deputies don't use. Sheriff spends thousands on training from a company that he owns stock in. (that one is even unethical) Sheriff spends thousands on training that staff in the sheriff's office can do. Sheriff spends thousands on uniforms that now cost more to maintain that the previous ones.

the Sheriff is a spoiled only child who's always gotten the best of everything. A spoiled child who gets the latest, greatest toy even when the gently used one is fine. His behavior has n't stopped. The only thing is that he's replaced his parents with Ash Hollow and now the county tax payers. Stop him and vote Cooper.


cropcircles 11 months, 3 weeks ago on Letter - Admission to the fair is too high

I normally go several days, but $10 was too much. I agree Jan, the pavillion is one big marketing arena.


cropcircles 11 months, 3 weeks ago on Letter - Life in the fishbowl

Coopers goals are listed on his flyer and website. What is missing, however, is Turner's personnel file. You say that the voters have a right to this information if we are to make an informed choice. He hides behind a closed, sealed file - the voters deserve to know what's in there. Turner got my vote the first time, but too many lies and half truths for me to vote for him twice. And for the command staff, Turner kept that a secret during his campaign. On the other hand, Cooper has made it clear about appointing from within office to the command positions. Good deputies with solid experience right here in WW, deputies who've worked hard, trained and earned the next level of supervision.


cropcircles 11 months, 3 weeks ago on Letter - Sheriff’s 12-hour shifts are dangerous

blueskies seems to be the only to actually read the letter and get Blackman's point. It's the combination of all the risk factors that make it so dangerous for the deputies. Many jobs with a night shift don't require any driving, like nurses. most of the crime occurs in the city so the city police may be able to stay awake better, eventhough the job requires driving. And the city isn't spending the majority of their time on long, boring rural roads and highways that are dimly lit.

I agree with blueskies. For deputies, it's too dangerous and if the sheriff cared more about community and deputy safety, he'd speak up and do something. You could still have 12 hour shifts during the day, but how about 5 eight hour shifts at night with the shift overlapping on Friday and Saturday when its busier. not everything comes in a neat package when funds are tight, staff is low, and safety concerns are high. Think outside the box for a change.


cropcircles 12 months ago on Letter - Letter on Tom Cooper’s bad knee was disgusting

While cooper is making public his personal medical info, we should also see Turner's personnel file in LA only he can release the real story about allegedly retiring after 16 years and then working as an atty for 2 years sounds suspicious to me And to those who expect cooper to return on light duty, Captain WW is right It's Turner that told Cooper to go home cuzthe office was fresh out of light duty and didnt expect any. Unless cooper would accept an offer of working at 1/2 his salary and lose his Sgt stripes Turner has been out to get cooper from day one


cropcircles 12 months ago on Letter - Proud to serve with Sheriff Turner

if we spent our money like Turner does, then we'd be buyiiiiiiiiiiiiing a new car every year. cars get new safety equipment every year and wouldn't we all want to be safe? Of course, we do but we can't afford a new car every year. And we also know that the car we do drive is safe enough. Walla Walla County, thank goodness, is not LA. I wish Turner would stop treating us like one.

And no Mr. Johnson, Turner does not surround him with like minded people. You said yourself that Blackman and King have integrity and a tremendous source of mentorship. Turner is neither.

Oh and if the best equipment possible has been bought, then why do so many including Turner not wear/use the pistol Turner spent thousands of taxpayer dollars on? Those pistols are sitting in storage. What a waste!!!


cropcircles 12 months ago on Letter - Turner wrong to release undocumented immigrants

no my thoughts you are just trying to make this one political. Hersey is correct. Bickle is just misinformed. Don't be so paranoid, not everything in this world is about Turner vs Cooper.