dogman12 23 hours, 41 minutes ago on Letter - Despite denier’s claims, windmills aren’t failure

I have looked to no avail for Florida Power net generation statistics, that would end LWPD's claims. It would be simple for them to make their point. I did find gross, not net, total figures for all of Oregon, from the DOE:

Oregon Wind Generation (GWh, Million kWh)

Year Total Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

2009 3,470 224 111 341 360 329 410 296 405 314 273 233 98

2010 3,920 172 101 326 486 460 476 432 431 274 251 240 202

2011 4,775 316 339 317 520 465 546 448 531 263 378 427 221

2012 6,066 402 450 569 487 621 666 687 608 398 391 254 539

2013 6,422 458 631 568 954 697 675 836 605 644 351

6,422 Gwh in 10 reported months in 2013. Must be a positive net.


dogman12 23 hours, 46 minutes ago on Letter - More public toilets needed in downtown Walla Walla

Yes, the need is there. Such facilities are very hard to manage. If you will be on call 24-7 to clean up when someone is passed out in a pool of vomit, we can do this.


dogman12 2 days, 1 hour ago on Letter - Decision not to prosecute isn’t justice

I too was disappointed, but not surprised, by the decision not to prosecute in this case. (New York Store 2?) While it is difficult to separate out cause and correlation in social dynamics like prosecution and incarceration, it seems to me that bias against latinos in the justice system is a fact. Are latinos charged and jailed proportionally more often than anglos? If so, how much of that is due to the marginal economic position most are allowed by the dominant culture? How much is profiling on the street, and how much is bias in prosecution and the courts? It is a huge job to dig for local statistics to help answer such questions, although I am sure that people will have an opinion even without them. (As I do, of course.) Denial is a common feature of a racist's mindset.

If enough latinos care enough about this issue, organizing behind a qualified candidate for prosecutor seems to be to be the only long term solution. Trying to change the prosecutor's M.O. by trying to change public opinion strikes me as hopeless. Organize and win power. Otherwise, cry in your beer.


dogman12 3 days, 15 hours ago on Letter - Here’s how we can pass all school bonds

Yeah, every person for themselves! Feudalism wasn't so bad, after all. This democracy stuff is a failed experiment. I, for one, welcome our billionaire overlords! Just if I can find me one who'll let me brown-nose, I'm set!


dogman12 1 week, 2 days ago on Letter - This economic recovery isn’t real

One way to make personal decisions that might help the local community keep more of its wealth and health is to minimize your spending at global corporate outlets, and maximize your spending at locally owned businesses. It has been demonstrated that the multipliers in the local economy are much greater when you do that. Every global corporate outlet is like a big vacuum, sucking our money from local circulation. We are coming to a "market correction" in standard of living, made inevitable by the globalization of economies foisted upon us by the criminal elite. As that unfolds, local food, energy, and water will become precious, and the illusion that wealth consists of clouds of electrons in some distant corporate computer will melt away. Stay healthy, develop your skills and social connections, invest in durable tools.


dogman12 2 weeks ago on Letter - Enough with tea party’s half-baked ideas

Let's overlook the troll sniping.

On Fiscal Responsibility, I have to agree that debt and fiat currency flooding are unsustainable and will lead to more and deeper economic crises. It is like suppressing forest fires until there is so much fuel that the fire that results is unstoppable. We have already spent the future, now that we are arriving at it, there is nothing in the account.

On Limited Government, I have to add that it is a concept that only works with a well-educated citizenry that recognizes propaganda and a Fairness Doctrine in the media, and we have had less or none of both for 34 years now. After financial collapse, this will not matter much.

On Free Markets, I have to add that unfettered predatory capitalism leads to great suffering and eventually revolutions. Greedy people left unregulated eventually violate the social contract. After financial collapse, this will not matter much.

I have to add in general that neglecting the evidence that we have overshot the carrying capacity of the planet by a factor of 3 is a major shortcoming of the Tea Party movement. Well, that and the tendency to clownish behavior. But, after financial collapse, this will not matter much.


dogman12 3 weeks, 5 days ago on Letter - Vote for those who love this country

The U.S.A. has a pretty good Constitution, and up until about 40 years ago did a good job of providing for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for most of it's people. That was not without costs, primarily to the beautiful and abundant natural world that was this continent in 1600.

I understand folks like Sharon who feel strongly that something has been lost, because it has. I believe that the country's elites have used the media to hoodwink regular folks into blaming liberals and democrats for their hard times, promoting candidates and policies that actually will only tighten the elites' grip on wealth and power. It is actually the elite's greed and desire for a cheap, compliant labor force that has caused hard times for regular folks. (Slavery Nostalgia?)

At the same time, all levels of government, managed by electeds from both parties, ARE intrusive and over-regulating. Regulation to the lowest common denominator is the norm, and people with common sense and responsibility are not allowed to manage their own affairs.

As a secessionist Jeffersonian Libertarian, I would support the creation of a country consisting primarily of what is now Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia. Start with a clean slate and give folks full access to higher education and the means of production with minimal regulation. Corporate oligarchs need not apply.


dogman12 3 weeks, 6 days ago on Unintentional gun-related injuries on upswing

A great many human inventions (maybe most of them?) pose the risk of injury or death when the user makes a mistake. Tractors, ladders, vehicles, and chemicals all come to mind.

There is little consistency in how society regulates use of its inventions, and, there probably will never be. To me, it boils down to which user groups are organized enough to get the regulation they prefer, whether that makes concerned citizens happy or not. It may sound cold, but fatal mistakes for a user clean up the gene pool. Fatal mistakes that take out an innocent bystander are sad, tragic, but they are one cost of our hard-wired obsession with improving the human role in the world around us.

As for my guns, I prefer not to be regulated and to be responsible for any mistakes I might make.


dogman12 3 weeks, 6 days ago on Poll: Amid fluff, people seek meaty media

To define "news" only as "something happening now" has some interesting implications. Anything "happening now" is a manifestation of many forces interacting in complex ways. If we are to understand what a news event means for our life, we need to have some grasp of the deeper stories that lead up to it, and unbiased analysis of what the next chapter in the story might be. It is increasingly difficult to "see the forest for the trees" in a 24/7 hurricane of information.

One thing I look for and rarely find are the deeper stories that lead to local news events. Since Walla Walla is home to only one traditional media source, the U-B, and it rarely allocates resources to in-depth analysis, I almost always feel unsatisfied after reading news articles. I don't suppose it is easy to make in-depth analysis pay for itself. Still, I would endure pop-up ads and/or higher subscription rates if better journalism were offered. As things are now, this online version is better than nothing, and the print version is great firestarter. (Except for the glossy colored inserts which annoy the crap out of me. I'd pay to NOT get those.)

The Port's Walla Walla Trends data site is very good for what it is, and is not chartered to do journalism. What a great partnership it would be for the U-B to do regular in-depth analysis of the information found there.