fatherof5 2 days, 21 hours ago on Letter - What if nothing was offensive?

Um, yes. I said the letter writer says we shouldn't ban things. I didn't take a position on banning things one way or the other. For the record, though, if someone wants to be offensive and fly a Nazi flag or a Confederate flag from their house, I think they should have the right to do so. Just as I have the right to be offended by it.


fatherof5 2 days, 21 hours ago on Letter - What if nothing was offensive?

Namvet, this letter is suggesting that we quit looking to the past and just get over it. I am saying the opposite, that we can't forget the history of the swastika or the confederate flag or any of it.

I have no idea how you got the idea that I want to revise history.


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If I am reading this letter correctly -- and I may not be -- it seems to suggest that the Jews should just get over the holocaust and not try to educate people about the horrors of Nazism and the symbolism associated with the swastika. If the neighbor of a Jewish family flies that flag on their mailbox, it shouldn't faze the Jewish family.

And black people should just get over the history Jim Crow laws and their grandparents getting lynched with no defense from the law, because they are being irrational to be offended by the same flag that was flown beside the burning crosses on their lawns and the same flag that flew in the back of the pick up truck that dragged those poor young men to their deaths...the same flag that Confederate soldiers pledged their allegiance to as they fought to keep slavery legal. The same flag that young man in South Carolina posed with before executing nine black people at a prayer meeting. Just stop your whining, black people.

The letter suggests we should no longer ban things that are offensive. So he supports people's right to burn the American flag, yes? And people can erect statues of Satan beside the Ten Commandments outside a courthouse without others complaining. And what about those cake makers who are offended by gay marriage. They should just get over it.

In all seriousness, it is easy for a white person in SE Washington to not be offended by the Confederate flag. It is easy because they don't know any better, and some of them close their ears and say, "nah, nah, nah...I can't hear you" when someone tries to explain it to them. That doesn't make them right. It just makes them small.


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I'm with you again, barracuda. Our family had a fabulous time, as did just about everyone I know. It's a memory we will have for a long time.

As a sidebar, I remember when I lived in Seattle that there were always complainers when the Blue Angels came to town for Seafair. "Too much noise!" they would cry. They were the same people who complained about fireworks on the 4th of July. Great memories for kids and families, though. Some people forget that their experience isn't the only one that counts.


fatherof5 1 week, 6 days ago on Black Lives movement gains political clout

So, let's say in Iraq that the Kurds were being killed by the Hussein's Bath party. If the Kurds wanted to bring attention to their plight, why not create the message that "Kurdish Lives Matter"? Should the Kurds really be criticized for not including the Bathists in their slogan. The point would be that there is an injustice being perpetrated disproportionately upon Kurdish people.

To be clear, this analogy obviously fails in that the Bathists are not a fair comparison in any way to our police officers, most of whom do a great job under very difficult circumstances. But the analogy works for pointing out that murders of white people get lots of coverage and national attention, whereas crimes against black people do not. Hense, "Black Lives Matter." They are just trying to get some attention directed at this issue.

And by the way, your reference to "thuggery" would be interesting if they were white protesters. But they aren't. That is no longer an acceptable term in this context.


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Nice letter. I spent Thursday night downtown listening to the live music and watching all of the people. It was really special to experience this with my kids. Things will get back to normal in a few days, but this is pretty cool right now.


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Funny, NewInWW, as I read this letter I started composing my answers to his questions, because the answers are all out there and not particularly difficult. But then I scrolled down and saw that you had already done this....and done it well.

They aren't really interested in answers, though. I think the questions are rhetorical. They'll keep asking about Obama's birth certificate and Hillary's Benghazi cover-up for years after the answers to those questions have been thoroughly investigated and reported. It doesn't matter. They will believe what they want to believe regardless of any contrary evidence. Put them in a room with a Nobel-prize winning climate scientist, and they'll leave the room still convinced they know more than the experts.

Take this Planned Parenthood video. A full reading of the text of the complete conversation makes it obvious that fetal tissue is not being sold and that no laws were broken. This information is widely available. Will it matter? Nope.


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The first two replies to this letter are both ad hominem, which is indicative of the strength of Ms. Buehler's argument. Many of the "issues" up for debate in today's newspapers (and in Congress) are scientific issues, not political ones. And they aren't being debated any longer by scientists, who have moved on to exploring the scope of the problems and potential solutions.


fatherof5 1 month, 2 weeks ago on 18-day negotiation yields landmark Iran nuclear accord

We had been on the path toward having to take military action against Iran, which could have further destabilized the region. Instead, we have bought some time. Best case scenario: Iran doesn't build a bomb, we don't go to war, and gas prices fall because Iran floods the market with oil.

Worst case scenario: Iran violates the agreement and we're back where we started.