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Yes, and George Wallace became a much more popular governor among his constituents in Mississippi (you know, the white ones who were allowed to register to vote) after he stood up to Kennedy and Johnson. I'm not sure what that proves, though. That the bigots really, really liked him? Well, good for him. And good for Hobby Lobby, too. People don't have to work at Hobby Lobby; that is true. I guess blacks didn't have to live in Mississippi, either.


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It would have been $5 per month, not $50. And to what scandals are you referring? The ones that a Republican House investigation showed to be much ado (by Fox News) about nothing?


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There is so much wrong with your comment, I don't know where to start, Bigdog. Let's just take each sentence one at a time:

Sentence 1: Nope, I don't expect that and didn't say that either.

Sentence 1: Nope, I don't have a Cadillac plan.

Sentence 2: Yep, there are cheaper plans, none of which are nearly as effective (see my links in my original comment), and thus the cheaper plans lead to more unintended pregnancies and more abortions (see links above).

Sentence 3: I'm not planning to work there. I didn't say I was. I was, however, exercising my right of free speech (just like you) by sharing my opinion about Hobby Lobby.

Sentence 4: Yes, there are. I didn't say otherwise.

Sentence 5: Since many of Hobby Lobby's employees are married women, you are suggesting they refrain from intimacy with their husbands? Odd.

Sentence 6: Take responsibility? Hobby Lobby employees - just like any other - took responsibility to get a job, and one that offered health insurance benefits. They did take responsibility. They didn't know at the time that their boss was interested in choosing for them what kind of legal birth control methods they used.

Sentence 7: I would have voted in the ACA, yes, if I had a vote on that issue (Congress and the President did that). Unless you are just watching Fox News, you would know it is working quite well and coming in under budget and lowering the deficit.

Sentence 8: My belief system is that tens of millions of Americans were uninsured, and thus driving up my rates due to their lack of access to preventive care and overuse of emergency rooms that they couldn't afford. That was already trampling on my rights, but that problem has been significantly mitigated by the ACA. If you mean by "our constitutional rights" the right to operate a business open to the public, using public roads, public police and fire protection, public legal protections, and then to use your business to deny a group of people the right to sit at your lunch counter, for example, simply due to who they are??? Then yes, my belief system in America and freedom and justice will have to trample your right to deny them access to the services you provide to others.


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This is great. And if you are a woman applying for a job, be sure to bring your contraceptives with you to the interview so you can ask which ones they are comfortable enough with so as to allow your insurance policy to cover it.

Don't bother with IUDs, though. Sure, they are the most effective contraceptive short of sterilization or abstinence, and yes, they are a great way to prevent unwanted pregnancies and, thus, to prevent abortions, and yes, medical experts have said clearly that IUDs are not abortifacients, but the religious liberties of the company's founders, who don't quite understand the science of birth control, trump your desire to have the same kind of insurance as the rest of American employees whose companies provide insurance benefits.

But don't be discouraged, no one is stopping you from purchasing IUDs on your own. Sure, if you are working at Hobby Lobby, spending $200-$800 on one might cost you half a month's wages, but no one is making you have sex. Well, sure, your husband might have some thoughts on the matter, but still....


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I just read this letter to my kids. They thought it was kind of funny until I told them it was a real letter. Then they thought it was really funny. What is not funny is that we live in a part of the state where a lot of people vote who believe this kind of silliness.

The argument here - as I understand it - is that Obama purposefully left the embassy in Benghazi undermanned because his master plan was for ISIS and al-Qaeda to take it over in order to foment chaos - and somehow Holder did something similar in Ferguson - so that this country would be agitated enough to succumb to Obama's agenda.

Oh, and apparently Obama is also suppressing free speech because Rudy Giuliani has been widely criticized for saying stupid stuff.

This is as silly as a liberal accusing Bush of getting us into a war with Iraq that we were woefully unprepared to sustain, that was unpaid for, and that was waged on the false premises of WMDs and innuendo about Saddam Hussein's imagery alliance with al-Qaeda. There is no basis for these wacky accusations from either side.


Even crazier, what if someone pointed to a letter written in 1998 by many of Bush's future advisers promoting the idea of using our military to "implement a strategy for removing Saddam's regime from power." And just five years later we did exactly that as a response to the actions of 19 hijackers from Saudi Arabia who trained in Afghanistan. You see, conspiracy theories from both sides lack merit. (Oh, here's the letter.)


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The House and Senate both passed the Affordable Care Act. How is that bypassing Congress? Obama is implementing a law passed by them (and pretty successfully, I might add). Here's part of the success according to the WSJ: http://www.wsj.com/articles/uninsured-rate-down-35-since-health-law-was-enacted-1426528905


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President Obama is on pace for fewer executive orders (i.e. bypassing Congress) than any president in the past hundred years. So, I know that ruins the narrative, but it is what it is. Here's the link: http://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/data/orders.php