fatherof5 1 week, 1 day ago on Letter - A lot of questions, but do answers really matter?

Funny, NewInWW, as I read this letter I started composing my answers to his questions, because the answers are all out there and not particularly difficult. But then I scrolled down and saw that you had already done this....and done it well.

They aren't really interested in answers, though. I think the questions are rhetorical. They'll keep asking about Obama's birth certificate and Hillary's Benghazi cover-up for years after the answers to those questions have been thoroughly investigated and reported. It doesn't matter. They will believe what they want to believe regardless of any contrary evidence. Put them in a room with a Nobel-prize winning climate scientist, and they'll leave the room still convinced they know more than the experts.

Take this Planned Parenthood video. A full reading of the text of the complete conversation makes it obvious that fetal tissue is not being sold and that no laws were broken. This information is widely available. Will it matter? Nope.


fatherof5 1 week, 1 day ago on Letter - It is time to stand up against ignorance

The first two replies to this letter are both ad hominem, which is indicative of the strength of Ms. Buehler's argument. Many of the "issues" up for debate in today's newspapers (and in Congress) are scientific issues, not political ones. And they aren't being debated any longer by scientists, who have moved on to exploring the scope of the problems and potential solutions.


fatherof5 2 weeks, 5 days ago on 18-day negotiation yields landmark Iran nuclear accord

We had been on the path toward having to take military action against Iran, which could have further destabilized the region. Instead, we have bought some time. Best case scenario: Iran doesn't build a bomb, we don't go to war, and gas prices fall because Iran floods the market with oil.

Worst case scenario: Iran violates the agreement and we're back where we started.


fatherof5 3 weeks, 3 days ago on Former Wa-Hi choir teacher faces charges of indecent exposure

The school district puts all new hires through a criminal background check with fingerprints and all. References are checked. He came in with a stellar reputation. Beyond that, I don't know how you anticipate this. This is an awful situation.

His departure was devastating to the choir students this year, including two of my own kids. It really threw the program into turmoil. Thankfully, the woman who came in as a long-term sub did a great job, and the new hire for next year is excellent and has taught in the district for several years.

While I don't see this at all as a trend, I'm with you on this one in terms of being disgusted, Namvet.


fatherof5 4 weeks, 1 day ago on Obama administration scales back deportations in policy shift

Namvet, let me simplify this for you.

This article is about the Obama administration scaling back its deportations of illegal immigrants, right?

You wrote that Obama couldn't scale back something that was non-existent, right? Implying that Obama has always been indifferent to illegal immigration, right?

I shared a link to Pew Research, a non-governmental, independent, credible research organization, which concluded that during the first four years of Obama's presidency that the "migration flow from Mexico to the United States has stopped and may have reversed," right?

You then pointed to an anecdotal story from San Francisco as proof of your point. That story was about how the city of San Francisco defied requests from the feds (i.e. Obama) to turn over an illegal immigrant for deportation, right?

Since it is your link, you know that this story was about a city's decision to defy the feds, right?

You understand that Obama doesn't run the city of San Francisco, right?

Can you provide evidence from a credible source that Obama's fight against illegal immigration has not been substantial and effective?

As for your revelation that your great-grandchildren will not attend Wa-Hi, that's too bad. Wa-Hi scores among the best high schools in Eastern Washington on a variety of measures and has elite programs in drama, music, auto-mechanics, math, history, English, FFA, and many others, including a highly successful athletics program. I wish your great-grandchildren luck in the avenue their parents choose for them.