garylcasey 2 years, 2 months ago on Proposed gun control bill won’t work.

PastorC Absolutely agree with Mr. Bolster! Great letter, to the point and accurate! Have already emailed and talked to Ms Walsh and Mr Nealy. Happy to say that Mr. Nealy is opposed to HB 1588 and has stated that, if the bill is presented for a vote, he will vote against it!

I also find it interesting that people who are privy to so many 'well known facts', have apparently not presented those 'well known facts' to the proper legal authorities for prosecution. After all, the real problem seems to be a lack of enforcement of the laws already on the books.


garylcasey 2 years, 2 months ago on What is your view on HB 1588, which is now before the state legislature and would require universal background checks for firearm sales between individuals.

House Bill 1588 would require state approval for all private firearm sales, including those between family, friends and neighbors and would only prevent law abiding citizens of firearms. Criminals do not purchase firearms through legal means!

House Bill 1588 proposes restrictions that will have no more effect on criminals and illegal gun use, than Washington and federal laws currently on the books that are not being adequately enforced. This Bill would impose a “universal background check” and provide the first steps toward universal registration of ALL firearms and owners. This system would impose a massive regulatory requirement, creating huge burdens and obstacles for those who attempt to legally exercise a fundamental constitutional right. It would also impose a fee or a tax on law-abiding gun owners to keep the process going and still do nothing about the gun problem with the criminal element. House Bill 1588 is an expensive, ineffective and totally unnecessary proposal.

Washington and federal lawmakers should not enact more gun control laws. They should focus their efforts on enforcing the laws that are currently on the books!


garylcasey 2 years, 4 months ago on Do you feel the local economy:

Prices have increased on gas, groceries, shipping, labor, health care, and much more. Even cost of living raises are so minimal that inflation has swallowed up any increases and left many of us without a way to live within our means. Deficits and demands by certain labor groups continue to drive employers to the point where they must lay off some of their employees. Budgets are tight everywhere and I'm convinced that the answer is to trim or eliminate many of the entitlements we have in place.