grammaphyllis 1 year, 7 months ago on Walla Walla County sheriff: Undersheriff is one of nation’s finest

I didn't support John Turner for Sheriff. Don't know if I will for re-election. However, if he continues to bring in people of Eddie Freyer's caliber, we cannot ignore his ability to surround himself with qualified people that Walla Walla can view as great assets in our fights against gangs and criminal elements. I witnessed the presentations at the Coroner's Inquest and agree the investigation was professional, thorough, and unbiased. Mr. Freyer can take pride in his leadership in this investigation . The press can take all kinds of accusations and throw them against the wall to see if something will stick, but this cannot be considered journalism. After meeting the next member of the Sheriff's Command Staff, I was impressed and see nothing negative about his joining the Sheriff's Office. I encourage John Turner to write a similar OP ED on him as soon as possible so we can appreciate the caliber of experienced law enforcement people John Turner has recruited.


grammaphyllis 1 year, 8 months ago on Mall sale hasn't closed, but Walla Walla official says deal still in progress

Regarding the traffic signal, I believe there was a contract or lien to get payment. I believe in all the legal wrangling the past few years the City put pressure on the owner/bank and got paid for the improvements as a lien on the property and the County got some back taxes paid. Don't know what funds/accounts the dollars went to when received. A call to the City Manager and the Assessors office could answer these questions.


grammaphyllis 1 year, 8 months ago on Hysteria about firearms isn’t helpful

Mr. Phillips: With your training and experience, your clarification of the law helps thoughtful people get a clear picture of why and when law abiding folks get to exercise their rights. Not only to carry, but also to lawfully use, guns to defend and protect. Clearly, your explanation counters the thoughtless "Rant" put forth by the original letter writer. You hit it perfectly. The original letter was hysterical.


grammaphyllis 1 year, 8 months ago on Mystery image appears in Milton-Freewater's Old Pioneer Cemetery

Here's my theory. The person actually had 60 seconds to get through the area captured by the camera. (Not 30) Certainly not intentional, but if the person was just outside the area ( on the right side) when the camera first took a photo and then walked to the point where his photo was taken in the next 30 seconds, then he had 30 more seconds to exit to the left before another photo was snapped. You can walk quite a distance in 60 seconds. Seems logical to me.


grammaphyllis 1 year, 8 months ago on Gun anarchy has arrived

Carin: I don't know what qualifications you have to be able to broadcast what the NRA's definition of "Law-Abiding" might be, or to declare that permits are handed out without background checks or other safeguards before issuance. Actually, your letter is just a "Rant" because you don't know what you are talking about. Please, seek professional help. You need counseling.


grammaphyllis 1 year, 9 months ago on Pay attention to bus warning lights

Janet: You might want to update your knowledge on this matter by reviewing Washington RCW 46.612.370 Paragraph 3) that says:

"The driver of a vehicle upon a highway with three or more marked traffic lanes need not stop upon meeting a school bus which is proceeding in the opposite direction and is stopped for the purpose of receiving or discharging school children."

Looks like it's legal on the four-lane part of Rose but illegal on the two-lane part.


grammaphyllis 1 year, 10 months ago on State must meet obligation to fully fund schools

Define "Fully Funded"

This concept is as difficult to get your mind around as the idea that a single parent with several little children, on welfare, and WIC, and Food Stamps, and subsidized housing, and discounted public transportation pass, demands to be "Fully Funded" in their quest to cover their costs for legalized Marijuana.

The people who wrote, reviewed and endorsed this article have a vested interest in increasing the flow of funds to the education system without showing concrete evidence of needs that are unmet. In Walla Walla, the School District does a great job.

Check your tax bill and see the percentage of your taxes going to education on a State and local level. Then look at the amount you pay for the "Excess Levy" that provides millions for the "slush fund" for the District to operate activities and fill in the gaps where they think special activities should be provided.

Lets take a look at all the Checks, ( also known as Warrants) the Districk has issued for all expenditures and make an analysis whether they are in compliance with common sense decisions or just someone's wild idea that "this is going to be fun".

Think of this as you consider New Taxes like the Levy the School District will push for in the near future. Might even want to think about it when considering a new bond issue, etc, etc.

Define " Fully Funded"


grammaphyllis 1 year, 12 months ago on It’s time to scare the NRA

A.C. Beck Your tired arguments do not hold water. The Senate did debate and vote and defeated the flawed gun bill. There are about 14,000 gun laws in the US, many of which are not enforced. The NRA works to honor the 2nd amendment and provide gun safety courses, as well as sponsored shooting training for law enforcement and private citizens. Your statement that most guns are owned by old white male republicans is possibly correct because of the large number of "older" white males in the country. They have rights just as you do. However, I find your statement to be racist. It would be great to have you set a standard for any new gun law. Something along the lines of answering the question: "Will this law do anything to stop the illegal possession of firearms by criminals, those mentally ill, or bent on terrorist activities.?? Those people will not subject themselves to background checks because they know they would be stopped. We have nothing to fear from the NRA, but lots to fear from nuts who want to stop law-abiding citizens from lawful possession and use of firearms.


grammaphyllis 2 years ago on Wash. state climate change bill signed into law

You hit it on the head!! Enough of the fear mongering. Lacking ancient knowledge of the historical variations in global temperature, it has become "Mod" to grab on to the latest fad such as "Global Warming" which changed to " Climate Change" because warming was not happening. Soon it will be "Moderation of the Normal" Defined as: when your head is in the oven and you are sitting on a block of ice, your Navel is NORMAL. Then things change. The biggest problem is that this uninformed distraction is very costly to those countries that buy into it. The enemy surrounds us. Condition impossible, I attack.


grammaphyllis 2 years ago on Views mixed at open house on annex plan

I get suspicious when I look at the map and see jagged boundaries that include some properties and exclude other parcels on the other side of the road. Just look at the parcels on the west side of Cottonwood Road. They seem to be completely surrounded by the 870 acres annexed but will be in a "pocket" not part of the City. It is obvious the City has taken advantage of a system whereby property developers agree to not oppose annexation if the City proposes such action. Then, the unsuspecting home buyers are stuck with no say in the matter. The developers agreements, required before building permits are approved, lock in future buyers to not oppose annexation. The City simply has to gather up the values of the new high dollar houses, bundle them together with a few parcels of lesser value or agricultural zoning acreage subject to future development, thereby reaching the 60% threshold, and voila! they have you annexed. This whole action has been done without individual notification to many property owners, and is indicative of the way you will be treated by the City in the future. Simply a way to get more tax dollars for the City with promises of great Police Protection, Water and Sewer lines, Wonderful roads maintained, etc. The decision has already been made! You have been had. There's nothing you can do about it. Surprise !! Go to all the Public Discussions you can, but don't get your hopes up very high. Sweet Dreams.....