janrocks 3 weeks, 1 day ago on Safeway is latest in Walla Walla to lock up liquor

I found this painful to read...

“I think the number of thefts at Safeway are going to be reduced drastically, but those people that are no accustomed to stealing liquor will got to other stores in town where it’s out in the aisle, not under lock and key,” he warned. “Safeway take the step at both local stores is going to put pressure on the others to do something.”

the grammar police need to take a look at this....or the UB proofreading dept :)

that are no accustomed = that are not accustomed will got to other stores = will go to other stores Safeway take the step = Safeway taking the step

I realize it's a direct quote...but did he really say that?

The grammer checker can't do it all....still need people proof readers.


janrocks 4 months, 2 weeks ago on District does nothing to stop bullying in schools

Unfortunately this is a problem that was the same as when I was in school many, many, many years ago. Both parents and schools need to educate children as best as possible how not to be a victim. It's sad, but you can't act like a sheep in this world and expect someone or an entity like the school to protect you at every moment, and make everyone "be nice". It's really better to learn early on in life - it's just gets rougher the longer you are sheltered without learning the skills to cope. Not to say no discipline for bullies! Just that the problem needs to be worked from both sides.


janrocks 4 months, 2 weeks ago on Merchants on board with Alder Street angled parking

there isn't a left turn problem now because of the 4 lanes...the dynamic will be totally different.
More street parking isn't the answer. I think more parking for employees in lots, and shoppers in lots would be more effective and keep traffic flowing. Employees are willing to pay for a spot to park - there just aren't many available.


janrocks 5 months ago on No parking during Parade of Lights is prudent

I was also upset by the banning of candy! And feel bad for any parent that doesn't read the paper and takes their kids out in the cold and has to explain the dissapointment to them right then.... I have been told that even Santa Claus can not give out candy canes - or he will be permanently banned from the parade.

Purchasing signs is a waste of $$ - They won't need to worry about the crowds pushing into the street after this first year becasue there won't be anyone watching. There will just be the lonely downtown merchants with no one able to come to their store for half of one of the busiest shopping days of the year.


janrocks 9 months, 3 weeks ago on Sights and sounds from the Fourth

Can anyone get this video to play through? I can't and have seen two FaceBook comments indicating same. From the few frames I see, I'd really like to see it!

Hoping the UB staff will see my comment and check what's the matter :(


janrocks 10 months, 1 week ago on Troubled past goes up in flames at Farm Labor Homes

Wow this is upsetting. Didn't anyone from the Housing Authority ever check this place out until Dunnagen took office? Good for her.

Sounds like some funny business on the manager switch years ago.... I knew the manager they made quit and she was great. I know very few people as hard working or efficient as her. The housing authority said after 10+ years of managing the camp , that she had to live in the big house or lose her job (she lived withing walking distance in her own home.) That was 25 or so years ago. Things started going down hill about that time....coincidence?

Sounds to me like a deadbeat needed a place to live and a job so they got rid of her! I hope she is having the last laugh from heaven reading this.


janrocks 1 year, 1 month ago on Wa-Hi bond talks slated

Why is the meeting at 4:00 when most of the taxpayers I know work until 5 or later? This only allows people working school district hours to attend....those people are already voting yes!