janrocks 7 months ago on Blackman wants to lead Sheriff’s Office by example

how do you figure? does the whole family go on nights? time with family doesn't count if you are sleeping and the family is awake, or you are off work and they are at work or school. And read any medical article about the "safety" of working 12 hour nights...it's just not healthy for the worker, or the people they are trying to protect. Please read about the facts, not the feelings.


janrocks 7 months ago on Local VA officials at odds with national news report

I feel this is only the tip of the iceburg. At our local VA, medical tests are marked as "complete" before the test results are read by a technician or seen by the doctor and it's often months after. It isn't a cover up - that's just the way it's done. That's crazy. I wonder how many vets die waiting for results once they make it to the appointment because the results aren't read timely.


janrocks 8 months, 3 weeks ago on Traffic injuries prompt Walla Walla police crackdown

Does anyone know the "rule" for pedestrians in the crosswalk, crossing against the light? Are you always required to stop, even if you have the green light once they are in the crosswalk?


janrocks 9 months, 1 week ago on Walla Walla leaders to discuss downtown panhandling, loitering

I am curious what the rules are for panhandling since I'm regularly approached for money now in WW. I have had a similar experience seated at an outside cafe...it's kind of creepy and I wasn't sure what to do. Now that I think of it I haven't done that since!


janrocks 11 months ago on Safeway is latest in Walla Walla to lock up liquor

I found this painful to read...

“I think the number of thefts at Safeway are going to be reduced drastically, but those people that are no accustomed to stealing liquor will got to other stores in town where it’s out in the aisle, not under lock and key,” he warned. “Safeway take the step at both local stores is going to put pressure on the others to do something.”

the grammar police need to take a look at this....or the UB proofreading dept :)

that are no accustomed = that are not accustomed will got to other stores = will go to other stores Safeway take the step = Safeway taking the step

I realize it's a direct quote...but did he really say that?

The grammer checker can't do it all....still need people proof readers.


janrocks 1 year, 2 months ago on District does nothing to stop bullying in schools

Unfortunately this is a problem that was the same as when I was in school many, many, many years ago. Both parents and schools need to educate children as best as possible how not to be a victim. It's sad, but you can't act like a sheep in this world and expect someone or an entity like the school to protect you at every moment, and make everyone "be nice". It's really better to learn early on in life - it's just gets rougher the longer you are sheltered without learning the skills to cope. Not to say no discipline for bullies! Just that the problem needs to be worked from both sides.


janrocks 1 year, 2 months ago on Merchants on board with Alder Street angled parking

there isn't a left turn problem now because of the 4 lanes...the dynamic will be totally different.
More street parking isn't the answer. I think more parking for employees in lots, and shoppers in lots would be more effective and keep traffic flowing. Employees are willing to pay for a spot to park - there just aren't many available.