jennybuggs 3 months, 2 weeks ago on Legal fight over emergency contraceptives drags on

If you are going to cite religious reasons to not give Plan B you need be deny most prescription drugs to people considering all of the known side effects of everything. And pharmaceutical companies do worship the dollar, an idol - and you are promoting that and allowing their greed to flourish. And isn't medicine a little like playing God? Anyway Mr. Stormans objection is that is could prevent a fertilized egg from implanting in the womb. But he needs to brush up on his biology and pharmacology as there are many medicines that can accidently have such an effect. Standard doses of birth control could even have that effect. Plenty of meds and herbs (does he carry chamomile tea? does he carry anti-hair loss products for me? prescription acne meds?) can cause spontaneous abortion of implanted fetuses and other horrible effects. You want to cite religious reasons for something? you better be prepared to apply it to all the things you dispense.


jennybuggs 4 months ago on An era of thinning flocks

The thing that was responsible for so many people going to church is the exact thing that turned me off about it:

"“When my mom and dad went to church, and I went with them, it was what we did. No question about it,” he said. “Your status in the community was judged by that.” Nowadays, however, church attendance, or even membership, is no longer important to social standing or a career, Woolley said."

It wasn't about spirituality or community - it was another way to enforce the social strata and be seen


jennybuggs 4 months, 2 weeks ago on City eyes plan to add parking spots on Alder Street

Better signage to the existing parking is what this community needs. I lived here a year before I knew the parking lot behind Macy's was public b/c the sign is only a foot tall and behind a tree


jennybuggs 4 months, 2 weeks ago on Designing clothes, from Hollywood to Walla Walla

When walking the dog the other day I passed this building, surprised it has a tenant, and quickly had my face pressed to the glass. The dresses are so beautiful! I was crushed when the Purple Parasol closed because it added a fun window display in a line of wine tasting rooms and restaurants. Please offer sewing/design classes!


jennybuggs 5 months, 3 weeks ago on Attacks on Monsanto uninformed and unfair

Vote Yes on I-522. I like knowing what is in my food. That's what ingredient lists are for. Food that is Kosher is labeled. Food that is organic is labeled. Every food (I am not counting alcohol as a food) has nutrition and ingredient labels. (Gosh, that must have been soooooo expensive, I can't believe there is even still food in groceries stores. All of that nutrition and ingredient labeling must have bankrupted the universe!) Fruit has labels that tell the purchaser where the product was grown. There are labels about ingredients or manufacturing process which cause contamination and are a risk for common food allergy sufferers. I am not allergic to eggs or peanuts or dairy and do not begrudge those that are that labeling on food packaging. Knowledge is not bad. I would like to know what food I eat contains, and that included GMO ingredients. My family is from Delaware which is the home of DuPont. Family and friends of mine are employed by them. Dupont is one of the top 3 for genetically modified crop seed. I am not trying to shut them down. I simply want to know what my food is made of. And please don't call me ignorant or uninformed since I worked for USDA with the very turkey breed that was so selectively bread that it cannot walk or mate b/c it grows so big and ungainly. It is the very turkey breed that you probably eat for Thanksgiving. Science can do plenty of awful things without the aid of genetic engineering.


jennybuggs 5 months, 3 weeks ago on In Seattle, speed traps snaring bicyclists, too

I wish City Police would do that here in Walla. You don't even have to ticket... at least stop the cyclists that are breaking the law and make them aware of what the rules are. So many cyclists downtown are riding on the sidewalk, riding the wrong way down the street, etc. They are being stupid and dangerous and I pity the motorist that will eventually hit one of them.


jennybuggs 5 months, 3 weeks ago on Judge holds firm in prison deferral

"Lohrmann said he doesn’t want to “destroy the relationship” between Hackney and his daughter"

Is the judge high? Doesn't trying to kill your kid already destroy your relationship with them? Why don't you just admit that the prisons are over crowded or you think the conviction will be overturned instead of spewing that bs.


jennybuggs 6 months, 1 week ago on City sets sights on sorry sidewalks

Given the side walks are in the public right of way the City should pay for their installation or repair. Just the same as with roads. I know what the code says, but that's my opinion. Good access is good business. It frustrates me that in many places the sidewalks in the city, around the YWMC for an example, are not handicap accessible.

Everyone, please contact the MPO and obtain their sidewalk survey packet. Email: or Phone: 509-876-8001 or 509-876-8002

Additionally, the city must address unsafe sidewalk areas that are brought to their attention. In writing is always the best. You can also call City Public Works at 527-4463. You can also submit through ETrakit's Citizen Response Management, that way there is an electronic file automatically created

If enough citizens present enough information hopefully the sidewalk situation will improve.