kurtfr 1 year ago on Letter - Raising minimum wage hurts the economy

I agree. Good business practice is to pay as little as possible and pass additional costs onto others. I applaud Wal-Mart and McDonald's in passing the costs of making up differences in what they pay to what it costs to live onto the tax payers.


kurtfr 1 year ago on Letter - Raising minimum wage hurts the economy

I'm happy to support low wage workers at places like McDonald's and Wal-Mart by coughing up my part in the $7billion/year of taxpayer money that goes to them because their employers don't pay a living wage.



kurtfr 1 year ago on Koch-backed political network large — and hidden

I agree! If only the article included paragraphs such as:

"The filings show that the network of politically active nonprofit groups backed by the Kochs and fellow donors in the 2012 elections financially outpaced other independent groups on the right and, on its own, matched the long-established national coalition of labor unions that serves as one of the biggest sources of support for Democrats."


"The left has its own financial muscle, of course; unions plowed roughly $400 million into national, state and local elections in 2012. A network of wealthy liberal donors organized by the group Democracy Alliance mustered about $100 million for progressive groups and super PACs in the last election cycle, according to a source familiar with the totals."

I found that information is this article: http://union-bulletin.com/news/2014/j...


kurtfr 1 year, 2 months ago on Roadblock survey could yield honest answers

2nd sentence of the story on the survery: This year’s survey will be administered by mail and online. It isn't a phone survey.


kurtfr 1 year, 3 months ago on It is Democrats who mislead

Love the last paragraph. I hope a follow up letter is posted explaining how Bush didn't get us into the Iraq War, didn't hand off the financial collapse to Obama, didn't destroy the Clinton surpluses and didn't contribute (doubled actually) to the national debt.


kurtfr 1 year, 4 months ago on Shooting at Washington Navy Yard kills six

I hope this shooting and all the other shootings within the last few years doesn't cause our leaders to loose focus on the more important issue of Bengazi.


kurtfr 1 year, 4 months ago on Someone needs to challenge abuse of power

I'm curious to hear from other Republicans: How many of your agree with NamVet that Reagan was a closet Democrat?


kurtfr 1 year, 4 months ago on Someone needs to challenge abuse of power

I question the "more than 950 executive orders". Seems like it is 163. http://www.archives.gov/federal-register/executive-orders/obama.html Which is 128 less than GW Bush and 218 less than Ronald Reagan.


kurtfr 1 year, 4 months ago on Politics behind Syria situation?

If it was a Republican president.....ok, I'll bite:

January 22, 2002. Calcutta, India. Gunmen associated with Harkat-ul-Jihad al-Islami attack the U.S. Consulate. Five people are killed.

June 14, 2002. Karachi, Pakistan. Suicide bomber connected with al Qaeda attacks the U.S. Consulate, killing 12 and injuring 51.

October 12, 2002. Denpasar, Indonesia. U.S. diplomatic offices bombed as part of a string of "Bali Bombings." No fatalities.

February 28, 2003. Islamabad, Pakistan. Several gunmen fire upon the U.S. Embassy. Two people are killed.

May 12, 2003. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Armed al Qaeda terrorists storm the diplomatic compound, killing 36 people including nine Americans. The assailants committed suicide by detonating a truck bomb.

July 30, 2004. Tashkent, Uzbekistan. A suicide bomber from the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan attacks the U.S. Embassy, killing two people.

December 6, 2004. Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Al Qaeda terrorists storm the U.S. Consulate and occupy the perimeter wall. Nine people are killed.

March 2, 2006. Karachi, Pakistan again. Suicide bomber attacks the U.S. Consulate killing four people, including U.S. diplomat David Foy who was directly targeted by the attackers. (I wonder if Lindsey Graham or Fox News would even recognize the name "David Foy." This is the third Karachi terrorist attack in four years on what's considered American soil.)

September 12, 2006. Damascus, Syria. Four armed gunmen shouting "Allahu akbar" storm the U.S. Embassy using grenades, automatic weapons, a car bomb and a truck bomb. Four people are killed, 13 are wounded.

January 12, 2007. Athens, Greece. Members of a Greek terrorist group called the Revolutionary Struggle fire a rocket-propelled grenade at the U.S. Embassy. No fatalities.

March 18, 2008. Sana'a, Yemen. Members of the al-Qaeda-linked Islamic Jihad of Yemen fire a mortar at the U.S. Embassy. The shot misses the embassy, but hits nearby school killing two.

July 9, 2008. Istanbul, Turkey. Four armed terrorists attack the U.S. Consulate. Six people are killed.

September 17, 2008. Sana'a, Yemen. Terrorists dressed as military officials attack the U.S. Embassy with an arsenal of weapons including RPGs and detonate two car bombs. Sixteen people are killed, including an American student and her husband (they had been married for three weeks when the attack occurred). This is the second attack on this embassy in seven months.