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As long as government continues to grow and we keep getting sicker and sicker, needing more and more meds ( the word meds didn't even exist in WW 30 years ago), we should be just fine since government and healthcare account for 30% of our local economy.

I feel better now, and since I'm in my golden years I won't have to worry about how to payback all the money we continue to borrow to pay for government and healthcare.

With the Fed keeping interest rates at zero forever, I should be long gone before the government bond market blows up. Or at least before the students in college realize what they have been left.

It took 200 years for the U.S. to borrow its first $2 trillion, but only 2 years to borrow the last $2 trillion. The national debt currently stands at $18 trillion.

It's good to know that the Federal government has only had to borrow $9 trillion since 2008 to "stimulate" the economy. Just think, the real GDP growth since 2008 has been just over a trillion dollars and we only had to borrow $9 trillion to get it, and that was just what the Federal government borrowed. What a deal.


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Since 2007 there has been a net of 6 million jobs added for age 55 and greater. For ages 16-54 there has been a net loss of 2 million jobs (BLS).

In 2007 there were 122 million full time workers, the population has grown by 18 million since then, but there are only 116 million full time jobs (BLS).

From the BLS on 12/5/14, most of the increase with income is attributed to the fact that workers worked a longer week, on average, the work week increased to 34.6 hours. Meaning, workers were not paid a higher wage, but worked more.

The U.S. workforce participation is still at a 36 year low of 62.8% (BLS).

The sector with the most jobs added in November was retail and hospitality.

The vast majority of jobs added were still at minimum wage and parttime.

It is easy to say this was a great report unless of course you are one of the 18 million workers who work parttime because you can't find a full time job.


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So the answer to income inequality is to raise taxes and give the money away to people "in need."

I'm 65, didn't save a cent my whole life, wasn't physically or mentally handicapped during my working years, and my Social Security isn't enough. Should I get some of the money for food stamps? Am I a person in need?

Fine raise taxes, but you had better make the hard choices of who is really the person in need. If not, more and more people are going to want to actually be "low-income" because they will get more money by keeping the minimum wage job than they would if they moved up the income ladder.

Right now, right here in Walla Walla, there are families who are making $60k a year who don't net (after taxes, fees, copays, saving for college, saving for retirement) what other famlies do on $30k a year (after child tax credits, earned income tax credit, free college, food stamps, free healthcare).

I agree we need to make the tax code fair, get rid of loopholes. But, we also need to make the "government handout system" fair as well.

Quite a challenge that requires hard choices, which the Republicans and Democrats have proven, over and over again, they are incapable of doing. But, not to worry, Americans are going to continue to flip-flop between Democrats and Republicans making sure the status quo stays intact. And that income inequality continues to get worse and worse until it blows up.

I'm confident that if this string was to continue it would turn into a left vs right, name calling, if the Democrats were in control income inequality would disappear, if the Republicans were in control income inequality would disappear contest.


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"Zehabasha people are “Konjo” and hardworking. Virtually 100 percent of them apply for the U.S. green card lottery that offers 3,000 slots per year for their entire nation."

I thought it was okay to just sneak into the U.S., why do the Zehabasha people need a green card?

Are we racist against Zehabasha people?

Do Zehabasha people have to have jump through all the hoops required by Homeland Security, if so why doesn't everyone?

I thought we were a "fair" country?

Just asking?


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I read in the U-B that a home was invaded by 3 people, if this happens at my home, since I don't own a gun, should I call 911 and hope the police arrive before disaster hits, spray them with pepper spray, ask them politely why they broke down my door, are they here just to rob me and do no bodily harm, run to the kitchen and grab a knife, prey? Or, since I still have my second amendment right for now, buy a gun? I guess I could also think like most people, home invasions happen to other people, but not me.


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The politicians in D.C. are nuts, we all know investment, savings, education, hard work, entrepreneurship, and individual responsibility are no longer important or essential in maintaining our standard of living. All that is required is to continue to raise the debt ceiling, better yet, we should get rid of it all together. I have no idea why those idiot politicians can't get it through their thick heads that all we need to do anymore is just keep borrowing billions of dollars each year, send everyone a check every month, and everyone will go out and spend the money, and we do it it all over again. Borrow the money, give it away, spend it, sounds great to me. Heck, it has worked great for 40 years, why can't it work forever. Or at least until I'm long gone. If it does eventually become a problem, I mean all that debt, the younger folks can deal with it. So far the younger people who are living at home longer, postponing marriage and home buying, who most likely won't have any decent pension for their old age, are already paying a 10% sales tax (I paid 3% when I was young), paying $4 for gas (I paid 25 cents), who are already being hit with outrageous healthcare costs, oh, and who can't find a decent paying job with benefits even with a college education.... don't seem to care, that is, the young don't seem to care too much that they are already getting screwed, than why should I. Again, if the debt does become a problem, let the young people deal with it.


marketinsider 1 year, 4 months ago on Arrests bring drop in Seattle VA hospital travel claims

If Obamacare is savings money why did Obama postpone the full implemation of the program by one year? Is it because: 1) Obama wants to postpone his own program because it saves money, or 2) Obama wants to postpone his own program because the program actually hurts small business, which the weak economy can't handle right now.


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You may want to consider finding someone to write about money. Just as an example, I would bet that virtually everyone of your readers cares about money and if they were asked a few questions like which stock market performed the best in the last ten years Mexico or the US, what is fiscal policy, what is monetary policy, are they at maximum stimulus level, or minimum, what happens with fiscal and monetary policies when the next recession comes, what is going to keep the US from going from recession to depression if fiscal and monetary policies are already at maximum stimulus level, is the US Treasury market in a 30 year bull market, what does that mean to investors, why is the housing market improving, could it be that the Federal Reserve is buying $40 billion in MBS each month due to its last QE program, what's QE mean, how much does the FDIC have in reserves, how much does the FDIC insure, what will happen to all the outstanding bonds when the Federal Reserve raises interest rates, the US borrows $1.3 trillion every year and who is really loaning us the money....that if you asked them about any of these issues the vast majority would be as lost as a duck in the desert. If the U-B had stories about these issues, nobody who reads the U-B could say they were not warned about the current fiscal condition of the US. However, if the U-B continues to just regurgitate what the mainstream press publishes, its readers, like I said before will be as lost as a duck in the desert with regard to a very important thing, MONEY.


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When I was a kid growing up in WW, very few cars, houses, or bikes were locked up. I learned the word "gang" from watching the "Little Rascals" on TV and I never heard of a home invasion. Citizens trusted the system: law enforcement and neighbors. Personally, I think it is completely different now, I lock up everything I own, have burglar alarms protecting my home and cars, and frankly, if I do have to walk at night I watch my back, which is funny because I think to myself when I was 12, I walked all the time at night without a care in the world. If I believe the statistics it looks like I have everything backwards, which doesn't surprise me, I'm a lot older now and I'm probably just losing my mind.


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Obama says $1.6 trillion in new revenue in the next ten years. That is $160 billion a year. Obama has proposed cuts of $100 billion a year at most. So he has come up with cuts and revenue increases totaling $260 billion a year. Obama borrows $1,200 billion a year (Obama's current annual deficit). Are any journalists, college professors, reporters, economists, pundits, or voters even the slightest bit interested in where he is going to get the other $940 billion? The fact is, even if Obama gets what he is proposing, he will still need to go to the bond market and borrow another $trillion dollars every single year for the next ten years, which the bond market will not be able to support.