namvet60 1 day, 2 hours ago on Letter - McMorris Rodgers out of touch; vote Pakootas

I see you enjoyed your comment so much you posted it twice?

Ms McMorris Rodgers is of the federal government and most people can distinguish the difference between state and federal government agencies. The smoke and mirrors rouse that you present with your tired, worn out rhetoric is very typical.

What would I reduce in the federal government? Putting a limited budget on the staffing at the White House (It is the People's House not the King's palace). I would like to see the elimination of the EPA, the Dept of Education and the ARLB to mention a few. The following would be reduced such as: IRS, Homeland Security and numerous others. I would increase the number of days worked by the entirety of the branches of government and make it a lot easier to fire and layoff employee's that are dead weight which there is a lot of.

Being presumptive and ignorant stating that people can't think for themselves is almost as silly as posting a comment twice? Have a nice day . . . . . . . . . . .


namvet60 2 days ago on Letter - McMorris Rodgers out of touch; vote Pakootas

Ms McMorris Rodgers was elected for her stance on conservatism and looking out for her constituents freedom. If you want big Brother to live with you and be with you inside your bedroom vote for Mr Pakootas. I left my mother's apron strings many decades ago and don't plan on allowing big Brother to force feed me as long as I can help it. This obese government needs to trim down by at least 60% before they drag the citizens into Socialism.


namvet60 3 days, 19 hours ago on Letter - Vote Democrat Joe Pakootas for Congress for your best interests

Some letters are very disingenuous?

" Fortunately, this year we have an excellent non-politician, Joe Pakootas, who we can support and vote for to represent us in Congress."

Non-politician - Why is he running as a Democrat instead of an independent or Libertarian? He would be under the umbrella with the infamous McDermott who has been so far out in left field that they would fit right in with Harry Reid and his clone Patty Murray.


namvet60 3 days, 19 hours ago on Letter - Human CO2 emissions are insignificant

I still stand on (not being a scientist) without one you don't have the other. I kind of like oranges myself.