namvet60 1 day, 3 hours ago on Sen. Harry Reid announces he won’t seek re-election

Good riddance Harry one of the most corrupt political people in the Democratic party. He has made millions off the backs of hardworking Americans. He should have been voted out a decade ago.


namvet60 2 days, 8 hours ago on Letter - Is Obama holding back in war with ISIS?

This Administration is still trying to justify the trade of 5 high profile terrorists was well worth getting a deserter (more like traitor) Bergdahl back in the US of A:

How does the Administration justify it to these families?


namvet60 3 days, 10 hours ago on Letter - Think how your actions affect planet

Igor - If you can handle more than one swipe with that corn cob you are one tough son of a gun.


namvet60 4 days, 8 hours ago on Agenda - Walla Walla City Council - 3/25/15

If we are having a drought this year why did my storm water fees go up over $7.00/month? Every bill I get has new or increased fees attached on items that I didn't even know existed.


namvet60 4 days, 14 hours ago on Letter - Police culture, training need to be improved

Now that the DOJ has finished there investigation on the "Hands up - Don't shoot' fiasco and has proven that is untrue, they have decided not to pursue civil rights charges on another case:

Maybe this cultural training should be taught in school and along with becoming proficient in speaking the English language would cure the problem? Obviously the race baiters (Revvy Al Sharpton and his followers) would have to find a different tune to expound on . . . . . . .


namvet60 5 days, 4 hours ago on Letter - College Place superintendent knows personnel policies

Maybe I missed the point in this letter but what was the Question? It seems the letter writer is in the same boat as the U-B staff writer.