owsleyins 2 years ago on Sen. Hewitt praised for standing his ground

I have to say.......I wish I could agree with the flower shop lady, but the law is the law and she broke the law. Now, since I would agree with her, she should have handled it differently. If she had told the customer she just did not have the time to provide the flowers because she was booked up, that would have eliminated the need to service the customer. Sometimes a "little white lie" saves a lot of people a lot of trouble, and hurt feelings and in this case, being charged with a criminal act. I agree also, however, that is is not a "public" business...it is a "private business" open to the public and she should be able to refuse service if she wants.....unfortunately the law says she cannot state the reason she used, as it is discriminatory.....so she should have just said she didn't want to do it...period. I don't believe you should have to give a specific reason for not wanting to service a certain person. If you don't want to you should be able to refuse just for that reason....I don't want to! and leave it at that.