paco1234 1 week, 3 days ago on Campaign targets distracted driving

One important aspect of unsafe driving is the presence of sleep deprivation. Young and healthy, these kids exhaust themselves with long hours studying, sometimes partying good and heavy, as many of us did. Subjectively they feel they can drive, but after their first nodding off from real tiredness, it might be too late! Obviously these circumstances apply to adults as well. The older you are, the more serious it gets!

Parents, students and teachers awareness about causes of sleep deprivation is a must. It is, actually good preventive medicine.

Carlos F Acevedo MD


paco1234 1 week, 4 days ago on Punch lines about ACA may be changing

Thanks for being fair...and balance. No one with a pre existing condition will be denied humane health insurance, ever! There will be no cap on the amount of insurance provided. The ACA preventive medicine program is amazing. The healthier our population gets, the more money we all save. All children are now covered at perpetuity

Who on earth could possibly be against these, incredibly benevolent human rights for all Americans!

Carlos F Acevedo MD


paco1234 1 week, 6 days ago on Letter - Today’s children will decide your nursing home

Remember, Charlie, I voted "yes"...Either you put me on a good nursing home or you're off the will. Now, there...

Grandpa--Charlie said--it cost me half a million dollars to graduate from college.

Alright--grandpa remarked---lets pay it off. I'm moving to Chiwawa!


paco1234 1 week, 6 days ago on Local crackdown on booze thefts is positive step

All ideas as to how to stop liquor thefts,usually kids in their teens, are valid and appropriate. Please do not "stand your ground" and shoot one of this kids in the back, while running away with a quart of vodka. There are no excuses such as a "shiny" bottle of liquor looking like a gun that "threatened" the life of "a good guy with a gun", therefore entitle to killing the "thief" for a mere misdemeanor.

Walla Walla might not be the best place to get reasonable justice for such an eventuality.


paco1234 2 weeks ago on High demand likely to blame for ammo shortage

One wonders why the Geneva Convention strictly prohibits hollow pointers in war? Is it because the tissue damage is "unbearable" and inhumane? Why is it we still produced them in this Country? Why are they allowed here for civilian purchases?


paco1234 2 weeks ago on Letter - Cell structures of creatures must have had creator

Donna, based on your letter I must ask if you're desperately clinging to the idea or believe there is a divine creator! We must respect your believes and religious principles and there is no doubt this makes you and your church members wonderful and loving persons! You guys solved this task and this is honestly wonderful for you.

But if you believe that God created Eve from one of Adam's ribs, why is it that Eve is consistently depicted with a prominent navel. I've said this before and the response from one of the most devoted UB "posterers" was that such navel was perfect for a cute piercing...his words, not mines. What is your opinion, seriously?


paco1234 2 weeks ago on Letter - Today is Equal Pay Day

This legislation is good for women in that it will, not only level the salary plain field but the psychological one as well. The 100 cents on the dollar women will get, such cents will be churned back into the economy which in turn will benefit all of us as citizens.

Sorry for "Big Money" as they would have to pay a bit more to the ladies...well, I'm not really sorry for them!

One wonders why conservatives are repeatedly defending Big if they expect a quid pro quo in the whole affair?


paco1234 2 weeks, 1 day ago on Letter - Retired chiropractor giving childbirth advice, really?

As a medical student 50 years ago I did an OB /GYN rotation... and asked a mother of 4 to describe labor pains for me. Imagine-she said- you passing a pineapple but in reverse...OUCH! That image, I thought, was very reveling for a student who never forgot about such definition for the rest of his life.

Please google "Colostrum" to get more information about the most versatile nutritional, immunological, anti-inflammatory and digestive agent a mother can offer to the baby through regular breast feedings.

Ah!...but yogourt is very good indeed as a meat tenderizer, though!


paco1234 2 weeks, 1 day ago on Letter - Today is Equal Pay Day

Namvet, Senate Republicans blocked a vote on Wednesday to open debate on the Paycheck Fairness Act, which would hold employers more accountable for wage discrimination against women. The Senate voted 53 to 44 to move forward on the bill, falling short of the 60 votes needed to overcome a Republican filibuster.

Maybe you could help by calling your Republican senator and ask her to give us her vote the next time this comes for a vote.

Yes, freedom will survive!