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The more the left uses the Race Card, the more transparent their institutionalized racism is showing. The Black communities are starting to wake up more and more every time the card is played and are coming to the realization that they have regressed under the Democratic Party.


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MyFamNews-The primary function of Congress is to pass rules that all Americans must obey, a function called lawmaking. Congress deals in a huge range of matters, from regulating television to passing a federal budget to voting on gun control to naming facilities. Many of the bills considered by Congress originate with the executive branch, but only Congress can create laws. The President in the above immigration decision does not even believe he has the authority, but is claiming he is going to do it anyway. Meanwhile your argument is that the Senate can send Bills to the house. This is a case of a President that is going to make a law and enforce it just because he does not believe that he can get his way by following the constitution. Once again: Only Congress can make laws.


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The Senate doesn't send Bills to the Congress. It's the other way around followed by the Bill being sent to the President for signature at which time it becomes law. That only leaves one place where that Bill that was passed by Congress must have died. The desk of Harry Reids Democrat controlled Senate. Unless it made it to the Presidents desk where instead of signing it into law he made up his own and declared it law.


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I read the 10 facts and other then the author attempting to draw conclusions by pretending that Officer Wilson was not moving during the entire contact in the vehicle. When you picture the Officer rotating toward the passenger side his face would be towards the drivers door and then blocking with your left arm the face would naturally rotate toward the back of the seat, hence the bruising on the right side of the face. Also in this position the flashlight is out of reach without sacrificing the left arms defensive protection. Apparently Browns blood on the inside of the vehicle and Officer Wilson's uniform escapes the ten main facts, even though it places Brown in the car and the hand wound with powder burns coupled with Browns blood on the gun somehow eludes the author. Also the ASP was underneath him and would not have been of much use since he couldn't have expanded it or developed much force with it anyways. Instead the author zeros in on the finger prints on the outside of the door. I like the way they keep mentioning that they were the same size making some sort of stupid assumtion that they should have just duked it out and just ignore the FACT that Brown had 80 pounds on Wilson and was running at a Police Officer with his gun drawn. All this is is a case of the media cherry picking partial facts to stir the pot.


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U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power, who traveled to Ebola-affected nations in West Africa Sunday, said returning health care workers should be “treated like conquering heroes and not stigmatized for the tremendous work that they have done.”

Meanwhile DOD is quarantining their personnel for 21 days! The personnel are not whining and sniveling about it because they don't want to risk bringing it into their home to their loved ones or to the general public.

Health care workers should be "treated like conquering heroes and not stigmatized. So in affect it is ok to stigmatize the military and their families. These self absorbed healthcare workers need to start taking responsibility and a leading role in public safety instead of playing with a potentially deadly infectious disease just trying to prove a point. The CDC and HHS have proven to be completely inept at their primary mission! Meanwhile the parrots keep saying it's not infectious until you start getting a fever. Ok, so what happens when someone becomes infectious on a domestic cross country flight from one major airport to another and mistakes the fever for air sickness or just covers up their illness.


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Perhaps you should take your uber-knowledge of firearms and enlighten all the Law Enforcement Officers of the state as to why they are so ignorant of gun laws as to dare be against such a well thought out and written law. Chitroli.


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594 couldn't get any law enforcement support either. By the way the law is supposed to close the internet loophole. What internet loophole would that be?


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Change the Headline to Editorial Board Disingenous Election Stand is Insulting.

Substitute Bieber with Union Bulletin and swap the Incumbent and Challenger and the article would be more accurate. Bieber has not ENDORSED Turner. He clearly stated that he knew very little about Cooper. He even stated that he was not endorsing either candidate, although he did give Sheriff a good review from working with him. I am more insulted by an Editorial Board that would expect the Chief of Police to write any type of review on a person he had not worked with.


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Sheriff Turner is the top lawman in the county! Federal investigations are supposed to go through him just like all major county investigations. If the case is that Freyer conducted the investigation behind Turners back and Freyer is a retired FBI Agent an investigation of Freyer is in order. Turner has stated that he knew nothing about the investigation. This should be easily cleared up. UB contact the FBI and find out where the investigation originated and why the Sheriff wasn't notified. If the Sheriff wasn't notified they should be able to clear the confusion in a matter of minutes. If he had knowledge of the investigation, he is lying to his constituents. The FBI reports would definitely include when the Sheriff was notified if he was!!!