revlis20 3 months, 2 weeks ago on I-594 supporters will make push in Olympia for stronger gun laws

To all members of Washington-based Center for Gun Responsibility..

I hereby swear to NEVER use my LEGAL firearms to protect you, your family, or property !!!


revlis20 5 months, 1 week ago on Walla Walla aviary group says it’s hit funding goal

The funds for the Aviary went the same direction as the funds for street repair, (remember the property tax increase) that went to raises instead.

It is far past the time to replace the city council, and come election time I can only hope people remember these actions.


revlis20 1 year ago on Letter - Citizens should review city bills

After attending the city council meeting where the property tax was discussed, I realized that we are at the mercy of those that do as they will. The tax passed, 4.8% instead of 1.5%, and it was supposed to be dedicated to street repair. Where id it go? salary increases! I am waiting to see where the increase in our utility bill, which buy the way was not made public, goes.


revlis20 1 year, 1 month ago on Escaped convicts from Idaho arrested in Touchet

Good job by the local law enforcement, and the citizen who called in..

Where did they get a .45 and a AK47 in just a few hours after escaping?


revlis20 2 years ago on Wa-Hi bond falls short of supermajority

Perhaps if the bond had included an exclusion for senior citizens living on SS, it would have passed?