skaarup 10 hours, 5 minutes ago on Does the price of gas matter anymore?

The purchase of Gasoline is only marginally optional. In order to convert to some other form of transportation, say, taking the bus... it would mean incurring other costs. When you figure the overall cost of owning a vehicle (gas, monthly payment, insurance, maintenance, etc.) then the cost of gasoline is much smaller percentage... it's just the weekly expensive purchase (I average about $80/week for gas) that gets our attention. The focus of the US "fleet"average reaching 35 mpg is missing the point. We need to focus on getting cars that get 10-15 mpg to get 15-20 mpg... instead of getting cars with 25 mpg getter even higher. If a SmartCar got 40 mpg and you increased it to 50 mpg, while that's a 10 mpg difference, it only means using 20% less gasoline. Taking a Tundra from 12 mpg to 20mpg mean using 40% less gas... so if you traveled the average 1,000 miles per month/per vehicle (that's the US average) the SmartCar would use 25 gallons (at 40 mpg) and only 20 gallons (at 50 mpg). That's 5 gallons saved over the 25 gallons or 20% saved. The Tundra would use 83 gals (at 12 mpg) and only 50 gallons (at 20 mpg). That's 33 gallons over the 83 gallons or 40%.... what I'm saying is STOP WORRYING ABOUT THE HIGH END of the MPG spectrum and focus on the LOW END. That's where the saving are.


skaarup 5 days, 1 hour ago on High demand likely to blame for ammo shortage

There is a lot of obfuscation in all the reports coming out regarding Federal purchase of rounds. ATK makes billions of rounds of ammo and a huge amount of that is rim-fired .22. Now ask yourself, they sell about 1/3 to the Feds, about 1/3 to Foreign Nationals (i.e., the Chinese), and about 1/3 to the US Population. This brings up two direct questions:

(1) Why is Supply/Demand not working in this case. If you have a product that has been in such high demand for 4 years that you sell every single on you make (and have back orders)... why are you not increasing Capacity? It seems the Profit Motive would have driven you to that. Except there is a shortage of LEAD and the FEDS limit your /expansion & production by Regulation.

(2) What in the world does the US Government do with .22 ammo? Are we worried about a Squirrel invasion? Is there any legitimate Federal purchase of this caliber?


skaarup 9 months, 4 weeks ago on Panel: Demolish Lincoln High and build new school on site

The transportation needs of students at Lincoln would be the same as Wa-Hi (as they are drawn from the same pool of students). Alternative locations (such as the field on Tietan across from the Fairground) would be just as reasonable as the current location. A new school would cost at least $16M, possibly as much as $75M - depending upon needs - and there is almost no parking available at Lincoln. If some other location were chosen - pick one - then the land acquisition/prep should be less than $3M... and you'd still have Lincoln as an asset.

The rationale of destroying the property to save it... sounds a lot like the Blue Mountain Mall. And where do the kids go to school during the time of the new construction? Certainly not at the demolished Lincoln.

These kids need our support. We shouldn't let the efforts to 'do good' cloud our financial judgement.


skaarup 10 months ago on Panel: Demolish Lincoln High and build new school on site

The old school itself has asset, structure, location. It could be office space for Police/Fire or any other facility that doesn't need fancy facilities (READ: School District Offices). The sale or repurposing of this land could help defray future costs. The New School should be on the Bus Route... Issacs? Myra? Pine Street?

My fear is another "committee" that comes up with a solution that allows for no-other-common-sense alternatives - like Athena sprung complete from Zeus's head - fully formed an mature. It may be that the rubish-and-rebuild is the best solution - but I've rarely found Walla Walla Schools or City Counsel open to such alternative ideas.

How about we convert Berney to the New Lincoln.. and build a new Berney?


skaarup 1 year ago on Family navigates changes at drive-in

One of the missions of a Parent is to provide good moments/memories for their kids. The Drive-In is one of the best memories of childhood. We're blessed to have the MF Drive-In in our area.


skaarup 1 year, 4 months ago on Do you feel the local economy:

By almost any measure the economy is doing worse. I don't know the statistics, but in my own life I see more unemployed, more businesses closing... even those that opened up just last year. Small Business is being hurt. If you're not in a Trade (and even if you are) times are very tight.

Travel to Seattle. I see plenty of activity. The West Side has gathered for itself the major transportation, luxury, industrial, governmental... etc... businesses. Small towns have a hard time surviving.