sohcammer 2 years, 6 months ago on Walla Walla Council votes to keep Rose Street at four lanes

I'm sure your marginal tax dollars will be sadly missed. Americold, WW Farmer's Co-Op, Color Press, Ferrell Gas, Grassi, Coachman, Harold Electric, Luttrells, Stubblefield, Moreno Nelson and the rest of the opposing businesses that were mentioned during the meeting are anything but "marginal" and their contribution to the community along with a large residential outcry was recognized last night as significant.

It was refreshing to see Council responding to who is really affected by this plan. Economies and tax revenue are driven by business not bikes. So take your marginal tax dollars, Freddie Mercury's advice and "GET ON YOUR BIKES AND RIDE!"


sohcammer 2 years, 7 months ago on Rose Street design team blowing smoke rings

The accident "study" was nothing more than a printed out list of all the accidents that happened on the stretch of Rose from 9th to Myra. The only data on that printed out list was the name of the cross street and whether or not someone was hurt or not.

70% of the accidents happened between 13th and 9th, but they need to redesign the whole stretch??


sohcammer 2 years, 7 months ago on Bike event left Main Street empty

Is it any surprise?? They're programmed to miss out on sales tax revenue. Just look at the big business that has parked itself in College Place because of bad decision makers in the past.


sohcammer 2 years, 7 months ago on It’s time to scare the NRA

"Since the election we have learned about the changing demographics in our country (more diversity in our future) "

I am disgusted by the large number immigrants coming to this country, making the pledge to the flag or skating under radar, then forcing America to cater to their cultural heritage(ie. bi-lingual State assistance workers and social assistance forms printed in foreign languages). Between them and the idiotic religion of Liberalism, the Constitution has never been under so much pressure as now. Oh how I wish stupidity was painful.

People everywhere are embracing multiculturalism.

Multiculturalism has been the downfall of every major civilization in history!!

The US is no different. The US has become weak - not militarily, but rather of purpose. It has allowed itself to become diluted with all kinds of demographics that disrespect the Constitution. Spiraling out of control with debt and cultural division, leaving the government scrambling for control of the people with things like the "Patriot Act" and gun control legislation.

As far as this letter and the person who wrote it. I am once again disgusted. It is a very serious thing, and all true Americans should be very afraid of a government that says guns are for the government alone, and you the law abiding public are not allowed to have them.

Gun control is not about guns, it's about control.


sohcammer 2 years, 7 months ago on Rose Street vote should be struck down

Residents of Golden West Estates have started a petition to block removing the 4 lanes. Local business on Rose is considering this also as well as other avenues to keeping the 4 lanes intact.

The City is taking on liability with certain aspects of the design that were previously motorist related(operator liable).

City officials have expressed a willingness to keep it 4 lanes if public pressure continues to increase. What they don't want is to delay the project, because they will lose precious state funding if they do not get this done by the deadline of these grants.

Business is not going to give up on fighting to keep the 4 lanes.

The latest article in the "Perspective" portion of the UB, glazes over and omits alot of the plans design flaws and is very vague about accident data. 70% of the accidents on the 3 year accident report happen between 13th and 9th where there are NO TREES OBSTRUCTING THE ROADWAY!!! The accident that the article refers to where the Police motorcycle had nothing to do with 4 lanes. It had to do with driver error and not using good driving skills. The rest of Rose is basically accident free until you get down to Kenwood Street at the shared turn lane in front of Pizza Hut and the apartment complex.

We all want to get Rose resurfaced and yes the public overwhelmingly voted Rose as the street that needed the most attention. The public DID NOT ask to have Rose re-designed and lanes removed. The public has overwhelmingly voted(in a UB poll) to the tune of 70% against removing the 4 lane configuration.

The City needs to do what the public wants, not what a few individuals at Council with an agenda or an Engineering dept. that is too personally involved in the project want. Engineering is being directed by City Council and the City Manager on this one, so I am inclined to put this more on them, rather than Engineering by a long shot.


sohcammer 2 years, 7 months ago on Do you have questions about the Rose Street project?

I find it ironic that the picture used to illustrate the new design is the intersection at Rose/Jade/Cruthers which will be the site of head-on collisions due to the left turn conflict associated with Split Tee intersections. The city has created similar head-on collision hazards in shared left turn lanes between Hastings and Emma on 9th, between Birch and Poplar on 9th and between Main and Rose on 9th behind Taco Bell.

There have also been head-on collisions in front of Pizza Hut on Rose due to the confusion the shared center turn lane has created for people wanting to turn left onto Kenwood and people thinking they can turn left into the Mall entrance. How hard would it have been for the City to move that Mall entrance 20-30' to the east when they re-did all the sidewalks around the Myra intersection?? It's this lack of planning that has resulted in new accidents at this section of Rose and it will be created again at Jade/Cruthers.

3 lane roads work great when we are talking about new construction with side streets that line up with each other. They even work well with Split Tee intersections that are offset to the left. But they create head-on collisions when they are offset to the right.

Everyone knows that you can find statistical studies to support your design.
So the City is removing a rear-end collision hazard and replacing it with a head-on collision hazard??? When someone is rear-ended, it is a result of operator error. With the City's new design, when someone has a head-on in the left turn lane between Jade and Cruthers it will be the City that is liable for designing the hazard and not the motorists.

This article does nothing to address the fact that HazMat will continue to stop at the 13th street tracks even when a green light is present causing traffic to stop once again since it will be single lane there. City engineers have been quoting RCW's etc that say that HazMat does not have to stop because of the new design..blah,blah,blah. The fact is that they are required to stop at ALL rail crossings regardless of traffic signals because of Insurance Liability Requirements and Company Policy. They cannot be ticketed by law enforcement for stopping because the law requires them to carry insurance and all HazMat insurers require drivers to stop at ALL rail crossings. Once again, showing how much effort the City did to discuss the design changes with local business and HazMat transporters.

For those of you who don't know what a Split Tee intersection is, go to page 6 on the link below and decide for yourself if you need a study to tell you there will be a head-on collision using a shared turn lane when the Split Tee is offset to the right. Jade and Cruthers are less than 50' apart.


sohcammer 2 years, 7 months ago on Bike paths improper use of sales-tax increase

Ever heard of a Split Tee intersection?? Please describe how a TWLTL works in this situation. A situation btw that exists currently on Rose/Jade/Cruthers. The problem with people who have an agenda, they create a design and then find studies to support their design. Talk to a qualified traffic consultant and they will tell you that every design should have studies done on the street in question(as well as interviewing local industry that uses the road) instead of using a one size fits all approach.


sohcammer 2 years, 7 months ago on Rethink changes to Rose Street

It's unfortunate some members of City Council love the sound of their own voice so much that they can't hear the shouts of the public in opposition to their ill-advised ideas.


sohcammer 2 years, 7 months ago on Is this the government we want?

Why doesn't the current President address the problem that is rooted in his own demographic.....a demographic that is responsible for almost 50% of the homicides in the country, yet only comprise 13% of the population? Why isn't he talking about this on the gun control stump?


sohcammer 2 years, 7 months ago on City takes heat over Rose Street

Just drive down Myra from Rose to Dalles Military.....

On the College Place side you have a NEW business(Paragon), Wensel Nursery, Banner Bank, Oil Can Henry's, Home Depot and another large commercial lot behind Home Depot that has recently sold and will be developed.

On the Walla Walla side you have the Blue Mountain Mall....what looks to be a burned out Taliban stronghold that belongs in Baghdad.