sreavis 2 years, 1 month ago

I am extremly dissapointed in the city of Walla Walla for many reasons the latest is the failure to vote in the new aquatic center. I have lived here for over 37 years and my family has been effected by Walla Walla failure to bring industry which forced my husband to take a job working away from home when the Crown Cork and Seal plant closed down my shopping has been altered so 95% of it is done out of town because of Walla Walla's failure to bring in any decent shopping why should people shop here when you can go to Tri-cities and have complete everything. How many families are doing their school shopping in Walla Walla right now not very many I bet all that revenue is going to other cities or online. My last 5 summers have been spent hauling grandchildren and their friends to water parks in other towns because Walla Walla does not care enough about their children to put one in of their own. All of these factors are multiplied all over town which takes money out of Walla Walla. Walla Walla wants to promote it's wine industry how many people with children do not come here because there is nothing for their children to do. This water park would have brought families in from all the surrounding cities now there will be a new water park being built in Tri-cities scheduled to open next summer that is where I will be taking my grandchildren next summer I would have much rather brought them to a park right here in town again Tri-Cities will get my money and all the money from families that are in this same situation. I do not understand why people do not vote we are so lucky to live in this country where we have the right to vote but yet only a small percentage do so why is that do you not want a say in what happens in your town state or country maybe if more people who have children that would have benefited from this had voted it would have passed. S. Reavis


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