thrifty 1 week, 2 days ago on Letter - Tourism threatens Walla Walla’s identity, culture

By your means of expressing yourself it is apparent that you may have an advanced degree from the local high school.

My thought is that our local community has gone from one that provided the basics for the local residents to one that is infatuated with providing wine and food for tourists. Much of the current down town is now oriented around the wine industry. According to you I don't know what I am talking about but I happen to know some that work in the local wine industry, some that operate local wineries, and some that are involved in the food industry that is affiliated with the local wine industry. They don't all make a lot of money but I guess that is dependent upon what your impression of good money is. Not all but many of the jobs in both of these areas are minimum wage jobs. They pay considerably less than Microsoft, Intel, Caterpillar, Costco, Boeing, and similar companies that aren't in the business of selling wine and food to tourists.

Most of the local residents of this community are now required to acquire many of the goods they need outside of this city since the businesses that provide them are no longer here. If a segment of our population were employed with this other type of company then I suspect that companies that provide goods and services for that type of customer might also be drawn to Walla Walla. Judging by the condition of our local mall I would hazard to guess that currently those businesses aren't too interested in Walla Walla.

My suggestion is to investigate drawing some other types of business into our community. In many cases the people working for those companies make good money and not just the few that are responsible for operating it.


thrifty 1 week, 4 days ago on Letter - Tourism threatens Walla Walla’s identity, culture

Don't get sidetracked. Our orientation around the wine industry is really where the tourism comes from is the concern. Look at the jobs created by this concept. Most all are minimum wage jobs in the wine industry and the food service business. Our downtown is oriented toward tourism and if you want something other than wine you need to travel to the Tri-Cities to get it. Things didn't use to be that way. Talk to some of the local business people that aren't selling wine and I think you will find that our local economy isn't all that great.

Wouldn't it be nice if our city fathers would recruit a few firms that provide high paying jobs in other industries for the local residents? Maybe a little effort in this direction would be worthwhile.


thrifty 1 week, 5 days ago on Franchise group files to block Seattle's $15 minimum-wage phase-in

It really doesn't benefit the employer that goes broke or the employer's employees that find themselves without work.


thrifty 1 month ago on City asks Walla Wallans for input on pool plans

I think those that want something special are free to install it in their backyard at their expense. The issue of the public paying for a pool for those that want special features has been voted on several times.


thrifty 1 month, 3 weeks ago on Building a new pool or water park at the site of the now defunct Memorial Pool is being considered again. Five plans are being looked at. Which one do you prefer?

It seems that most that want a pool want one built by someone else. Thus cost is no object. I personally would rather see my tax money spent on necessities like street repairs. It would be nice to see our city government direct their attention toward long term necessities that the city needs rather than objects that might assure their re-election.


thrifty 2 months ago on Trademark board rules against Redskins name

The logical thing to do is drop the name Washington. I think that whole bunch back in DC need to reorient their attention toward the things that matter. If you pay any attention at all to what has been happening both in this country and abroad it is becoming very apparent that things need to change and probably the best place to start with is those who claim to represent us.


thrifty 2 months, 2 weeks ago on Seattle council passes $15 minimum wage

Maybe our little city will have to deal with an influx of businesses that don't care to operate in a socialist atmosphere.


thrifty 3 months, 1 week ago on Report: Climate change already apparent in Pacific Northwest

I have been around long enough to hear about offers to sell bridges but the ocean front property is a first. Guess everyone should expect change. Kind of like how the news media reports the weather. First it is the coldest we have ever seen with massive amounts of snow and soon I suspect we will be hearing about record hot. Maybe you can recall from history the concerns about the world being flat- until it wasn't. That is the difference between a "scientific consensus" and a "scientific fact." However, if you insist upon believing everything in print then I might have a bridge for sale.

Here in Walla Walla we can expect years with more retained snowpack and years when we have less retained snowpack. If you look through the UB's pictures you will see some of water running down what appears to be every street in Walla Walla. I believe the year was 1931 probably before the current channel was built to handle excess run off when we have a large snowpack and encounter a Chinook. I can remember one year (recently) when there was no snow and the next year there was so much snow we never thought it would all melt.

With regard to your thoughts on crops. Last year the US had a record corn crop and prices declined because the users had available more than they needed. Several years ago the US had a very poor crop and prices increases because users had available less than they needed. Cost of production should have a lot to do with price but in the case of commodities that is not always the case.

My point is that the weather isn't the same every year. It has been that way for a long time and probably will continue long into the future. That is probably why the terminology is now "Climate Change" instead of "Global Warming." It is a lot easier to defend and it makes the evening news more interesting to watch.


thrifty 3 months, 2 weeks ago on Report: Climate change already apparent in Pacific Northwest

We are very fortunate that our current governor and the University of Washington are watching out for us and the polar bears.

Maybe they could devote a little attention to solving some of the significant problems we have in Syria and with Russia. It seems that they devote much of their time trying to distract us from important issues and attempt to direct our attention toward items of questionable significance.


thrifty 5 months ago on Walla Walla Council to consider annexation of 169 acres at southern edge of city

As I recall both the police dept and fire dept were full of suggestions during the Triple Creek hearing. The area is part of the Urban Growth Area and as such has to be built to City Planning specs. The intent was and is for the city to annex that area and it is past time for that to be done. Let the residents trade lower water costs for higher taxes.