thrifty 2 weeks, 2 days ago on Opinion - When it comes to spending, California has our state beat

Interesting editorial. According to the financial genus Danny you don't need to worry about liabilities. If he likes Moonbeam and California so well perhaps he should move down there and get a taste of what it is like to have a high sales tax, high property tax, a state income tax, high gas prices, and very high real estate prices. Western Washington has a lot in common with California and most all of it isn't good. BTW, Jerry Brown has his head in a dark place and it has been there for a long, long time. If you like the way he governs I can see why you like Obama and Inslee. Lots of talk and very little worthwhile action.

Ever notice how Oregon (who has a income tax) would like to have a sales tax too? Ever notice how Washington (who has a sales tax) would like to have a income tax too? A Washington capital gains tax would be an excellent solution since it would encourage people like Amazon’s Jeff Bezos to locate in one of the other states that are more tax friendly. In addition, a capital gains tax is a form of income tax and just what do you think the next step in the equation would be?

Big spenders and advocates of big spending (of other people's money) should take their ideas about additional state taxes home and sit on them. I think the public has made it clear several times that their advice is not popular nor wanted.


thrifty 2 weeks, 3 days ago on Over years, climate change has wrought hotter, weirder weather

The numbers don't lie but what about the people talking about them?

I watch the national news regularly and it appears that "the weather" is the news. Each summer we hear about how hot it is and each winter I hear about how cold it is. It is particularly interesting to see the same picture displayed over and over by the news and we are to assume that it applies to a whole region or even the entire United States. I recently visited with a person from Buffalo. He lived a short distance away from the notorious snow picture we all saw on TV. He said that he had a skiff of snow and indicated that the story was just for the news effect.

Another question we might ask is why do these international climate requirements exclude underdeveloped countries and only deal with some of the developed countries? China is basically excluded and the funding giant is the US and more specifically the tax payers.

Algore is a big supporter of the concept and what does he do beside eat a lot and fly all over the country telling us about global warming in the midst of a snow storm?

Along that same line just why has global warming now become climate change? Is it because it is difficult to speak of global warming in the midst of record cold? Now the attempt is to draw our attention to "extreme weather events." Just in case you missed it that is another thing that the news media likes to report as news. It ties into the weather news rather nicely. I have been around for a long time and have had the opportunity to watch the news reports on "extreme weather events" for a long time. Even before the concern about global warming and climate change.

Maybe a better place for this minority to talk about global warming etc is on the internet where it is acceptable to talk about items of questionable validity. Personally I would prefer to read about real news rather than fabricated news.


thrifty 1 month, 2 weeks ago on Column: Debate climate policies without undue influence

Tom Steyer would do well to spend his time and money in California. Perhaps he has and maybe that is why California is so screwed up. They have some of the highest gas prices in the nation and they are also know to have some of the highest taxes. Many of their cities are faced with financial problems. I think it is common knowledge that hedge fund operators like Mr. Steyer have federal tax advantages that the rest of us don't. Maybe they need to spend some of their money supporting our federal government rather than trying to influence the way we vote.

One column I read recently said that Russia, Iran, and China get up each morning and try to figure out how to disrupt our country. The liberals that run our government get up each morning and devote their time to windmills.

That may have something to do with ISIS expanding its territory and it also might have a lot to do with our countries lack of a rational Ebola policy. Our administration needs to worry a little more about protecting the population and a little less about scheduling the next golf game or attending the next fund raiser. Soon many of our former leaders will be able to play all of the golf they want. The only difference may be that it will be on their time and not on ours.


thrifty 2 months, 1 week ago on Washington, Oregon gas prices take a dive

I bought gas in Hillsboro, Oregon 10/2/14 for $3.23 per gallon. Nice to know that the Associated Press is keeping us up to date. Is it the Washington State Governor that is proposing to raise the state gas tax?


thrifty 2 months, 1 week ago on Letter - McMorris Rodgers is career politician

Joe Pakootas is hoping to becoming the representative for the 5th district. At Walla Walla Community College when asked about the wheat industry he said there wasn't much wheat grown in Spokane so he didn't know much about the wheat industry. Is he running to represent Spokane or the 5th district? I gathered from his comments at the Whitman College debate he didn't know much about agriculture either.


thrifty 3 months ago on Cantwell’s call to eliminate Redskins name might succeed

It is interesting that one of Washington State's Senators is concerned about Washington DC's football team name. Just which Washington does she represent?

There are a number of issues that are troubling to our state yet her interest seems to be changing the name of the Washington Redskins. Next time she is running for re-election some of our state's voters should consider just who will represent their interests and look at her accomplishments while a Senator.


thrifty 3 months ago on Letter - McMorris Rodgers out of touch; vote Pakootas

Getting back to the letter to the editor that claims Cathy is out of touch.

Having attended the candidates forum I was able to listen to Pakootas respond to a question about agriculture in the 5th District. As the letter states the 5th District is an agricultural district and Joe commented that there isn't much wheat grown in the Spokane area so it was difficult for him to respond to the question.

Joe is running to represent the 5th District and not Spokane (which is very close to Whitman County which is one of the leading wheat producing counties in the nation). Yet he knows basically nothing about agriculture so I'm curious as to just who is out of touch.

And for informational purposes to satisfy the person that apparently races downhill without a helmet the last Democrat that was elected to the 5th District started as a member of the Ag Committee and eventually became Speaker of the House. As Speaker he was required to defend national liberal issues which put him out of favor with the conservative district he represented and he failed to get re-elected.


thrifty 4 months, 1 week ago on Letter - Tourism threatens Walla Walla’s identity, culture

By your means of expressing yourself it is apparent that you may have an advanced degree from the local high school.

My thought is that our local community has gone from one that provided the basics for the local residents to one that is infatuated with providing wine and food for tourists. Much of the current down town is now oriented around the wine industry. According to you I don't know what I am talking about but I happen to know some that work in the local wine industry, some that operate local wineries, and some that are involved in the food industry that is affiliated with the local wine industry. They don't all make a lot of money but I guess that is dependent upon what your impression of good money is. Not all but many of the jobs in both of these areas are minimum wage jobs. They pay considerably less than Microsoft, Intel, Caterpillar, Costco, Boeing, and similar companies that aren't in the business of selling wine and food to tourists.

Most of the local residents of this community are now required to acquire many of the goods they need outside of this city since the businesses that provide them are no longer here. If a segment of our population were employed with this other type of company then I suspect that companies that provide goods and services for that type of customer might also be drawn to Walla Walla. Judging by the condition of our local mall I would hazard to guess that currently those businesses aren't too interested in Walla Walla.

My suggestion is to investigate drawing some other types of business into our community. In many cases the people working for those companies make good money and not just the few that are responsible for operating it.


thrifty 4 months, 1 week ago on Letter - Tourism threatens Walla Walla’s identity, culture

Don't get sidetracked. Our orientation around the wine industry is really where the tourism comes from is the concern. Look at the jobs created by this concept. Most all are minimum wage jobs in the wine industry and the food service business. Our downtown is oriented toward tourism and if you want something other than wine you need to travel to the Tri-Cities to get it. Things didn't use to be that way. Talk to some of the local business people that aren't selling wine and I think you will find that our local economy isn't all that great.

Wouldn't it be nice if our city fathers would recruit a few firms that provide high paying jobs in other industries for the local residents? Maybe a little effort in this direction would be worthwhile.