tinman02 1 year, 5 months ago on Updated: Walla Walla VA set for further review

In the process of compiling a complaint with my son for the lack of quality and professionalism of his care. He too was told four months before they could see him though it only ended up being three months, and appointments were canceled at the last minute more than once. I feel they need to look deeper into the quality of care. He is always made to feel that he is lucky to have them though without him and the other vets there would be no job or VA for them to work for!


tinman02 3 years, 1 month ago on Democrat tired of being disrespected

Keep up the Good Fight Valerie I'm right there with you. It seems debate isn't in most of the Republicians in this area of the state's vocabulary. They just rely on "bullying" due to the fact they know they have the majority on thier side here in southeastern Washington. I'm 50, my sister is 61, and my mother is 83 and we agree!

Margie Neace Walla Walla