tpeacock 3 weeks, 1 day ago on Letter - Founding Fathers wouldn’t recognize their creation

It is comforting to know that there are still some folks around who knew the Founding Fathers well enough to give us these fathers true perspectives on life.


tpeacock 3 weeks, 1 day ago on Letter - The Democrats are in disarray

Hit 'em with the right, hit 'em with the left, they're all liars and think they deserve *, that lie was okay because others bought into it, we know so much better because we're so much smarter. And the school ground like fight continues ad nauseam. Why people want to hate on each other for a variety of reasons these days is beyond me, there are serious problems of all kinds, but to continually assign the political agenda to issues insulates many (in their minds) from any true involvement to finding a solution, and any energy that could be better spent solving is spent on fighting, name calling, and blaming.

  • = anything and everything

tpeacock 3 weeks, 1 day ago on Letter - Anti-homophobic zealotry is socialist programming

The real shame of it all should be that the subject even has to come up, but instead the designation goes to the political slant assigned to it, them against us, our way is the true way, those of opposing opinion are less than human, ignorant, and on and on it goes.


tpeacock 1 month ago on Editorial: Allowing more home-grown marijuana is wrong direction

For too many years we've had to listen to and get our facts from the most dubious of sources, and ever since marijuana was legalized these folks still inundate us with doomsday scenarios, moratoriums, and other reactions that continue to demonize marijuana, users of marijuana, and use their ace in the hole card, children, as their undying platform to criticize anything to do with marijuana.

First and foremost; if you don't have actual first-hand experience and knowledge of marijuana, its effects, its use as a medication, or any other facet of the plant, you should truly shut the heck up; your lack of knowledge is glaring, and paints a very bold picture of your propensity to interject nothing valid to this subject (and who knows what else). How many times have we heard someone, usually in Law Enforcement proclaim; 'I smoked it once and got so messed up...". For those with no factual experience, here's a well known fact, it normally takes a 2nd or 3rd time before you actually will get high when smoking marijuana. Also, the very first time you get high is a completely different high/experience, than any other time you will ever smoke it. Forget the Cheech & Chong and/or Fast Times at R. High movies,

The voters in this State by a majority approved legalization, plain and simple. Since that time however, moratoriums have been put in place, opponents to the vote have inundated us with their end of society as we know it tales, and it seems the endless onslaught of nonsense is always rooted in 'it's for the kids' we have to keep them free from the death spiral marijuana will put them in. Do any of you naysayers have any idea of the actual numbers of folks that smoke marijuana that are out there? More to the point, the positions of authority, commerce, and other high up positions these folks are in? Of course not, and it will be sometime before this becomes apparent as the stigma attached to it has and will continue to forestall any major players coming out.

Until then, we will continue to be assailed by those that have no idea what they speak of, but will throw down their credentials from LE, the Medical field, counselors, etc. as they flaunt their lack of knowledge feeling smug yet secure that they have fooled the public once again, while those of us with the knowledge shake our heads at their foolish sputtering.


tpeacock 1 month, 2 weeks ago on Letter - GOP needs to restore discipline to government

'our defense capabilities have been permitted to decline'. Though many parts of this letter have problems of clarity, this is the one that strikes me as particularly off mark. Where do get your insight sir? Our defense capabilities haven't declined one bit over the years and in fact we have systems that require fewer troops than ever to manage and maintain, and our capabilities are greater than ever. Perhaps if you researched instead of sticking with party line talking points, this and many other real truths would become more apparent.


tpeacock 1 month, 2 weeks ago on Letter - Who is paying for Michelle Obama’s trip?

Take your eyes off the kids for a few minutes and they're back at each other's throats over nothing, once again. When will you folks wake up and realize this bickering over nonsensical carp just makes you look terribly juvenile. Next thing you'll be wanting to meet at the park after school to duke it out and see who wins the great battle.


tpeacock 1 month, 2 weeks ago on Letter - Bigger government is bigger waste of taxes

The more interesting take on whether or not someone is a Christian is that in my experience in life, the ones thumping their Bibles the most and the loudest have been the farthest thing from what most of would deem a Christian, in that they do so to make themselves look good to the rest of us, but in reality are truth challenged, intolerant of others they disagree with, quick to judge others, and use their interpretations of Bible passages to cement their belief in their actions. Looking out for the welfare of others with no regard for any reward it will bring you seems like a Christian way to me.


tpeacock 1 month, 2 weeks ago on Letter - Hydropower not been replaced by wind power

I have often wondered just what it is the 'take out the dams' folks are really after. I it some utopian dream to return as much to the way things were a century or more past, or some other attempt at reversing our current state of living and using natural resources to the advantages we have. While I am all for maintaining the beauty of nature and for keeping a tight reign on developments in the country-sides still left untouched by man, there is little to nothing gained by the removal of the Snake River dams, and would actually take away the many benefits enjoyed by those of us living in the area encompassed by said dams.


tpeacock 1 month, 3 weeks ago on Letter - The ‘right to work’ favors employers

There was once a very good reason for Unions, but that has long passed. As anyone who watches the news, the unions going on strike anymore are those whose members make $30 an hour or more with benefits most people nowadays will ever see. I worked in construction for 7 years of my life with a non-union employer. I was able to do any of 4 different areas of work to get the job done, and if I had been with a union company I would have been limited to only one of the four positions.

Unions are great for getting people jobs, the more (workers) the merrier it seems. I also noticed the union run jobs take much longer from start to finish than a non-union job, and the quality of work is equal. Years ago there was a great need for unions, these days it seems more a great greed.


tpeacock 1 month, 3 weeks ago on Letter - Common sense lacking

You have a friend in one of our city council members here in Spokane, Mike Fagan, a member of the local Health Board came up with that same convoluted reasoning; Blame it on the Illegals. Now those that refuse to vaccinate can all rest easier.