tpeacock 2 weeks ago on Letter - Fireworks bans would benefit veterans

My point exactly, I realize that the Cargo type choppers had a gunner at the ramp, but never heard of a tail gunner as far as helicopters are concerned.


tpeacock 2 weeks, 4 days ago on Letter - Fireworks bans would benefit veterans

What about the majority of us Veterans that enjoy fireworks? Let's not be using people or groups of people en masse, to support your position on fireworks. What about the 'Freedoms' we supposedly fought for, the ones like fireworks that a handful of you are trying to take away. Same with your shaking pets, if you have one or more it's your responsibility to see to their needs, not to crimp my life choices because of them. And lastly, what in the world is a tail gunner on a helicopter? Makes me wonder about the validity of your comment in regards to these vets you use as examples. FYI, helicopter's have door gunners, not tail gunners; they would be found on WWII Bombers.


tpeacock 2 weeks, 6 days ago on Homeless Walla Walla man hit by sport utility vehicle

How absolutely incorrect this statement is, and so too, your ideas of lane configuration on Rose. Re-read the article, and it seems to me the pedestrian was, as many do, trying to rush across the street at a location not intended for pedestrian crossing and at a time of day when darkness was falling. It's quite clear from past comments from you along with your comments here, you have little regard for auto traffic, and in any situation of car vs. pedestrian/bike rider the driver is the guilty party, or in this case, the street design is at fault. How about personal responsibility, folks realizing they are no match for an automobile, using controlled crossing spots, etc. I ride a motorcycle and have for years. Every summer I have at least a half dozen close calls with cars, but can easily classify these as the individual behind the wheel not paying attention. To assign blame to non-contributing factors or to attempt to assign blame on too many lanes or other street design features is to dismiss the true cause of people's inability to accept their responsibilities whether on foot, two wheels or behind the wheel of a car.


tpeacock 1 month, 2 weeks ago on Letter - Anti-gun lobby uses hysteria and emotions

The Laws intention never was to take guns away from criminals, nor was it to keep them from stealing them. It's intention was to cut off an avenue of access to them. I purchased a shotgun a couple years ago at a Gun Show and was asked if I had my ID. When I took my WDL out to show the seller, he and a companion laughed, and scoffing, they told me they merely had to ask, they weren't required to actually see I had ID. While there may not be a plethora of weapons sold to criminals in this manner, the sheer arrogance displayed, and the simple thought of how a felon could acquire a weapon this way, is a part of what the Initiative's aim was designed to thwart. It isn't and wasn't an aimed at an eventual seizure of our weapons, nor was it's intent to make swapping firearms amongst friends out shooting recreationally.


tpeacock 1 month, 2 weeks ago on Pot shop OK’d for Walla Walla

That's the first thing I thought of when I read about W2 finally joining the legally passed mandate of the State's voters. For all the naysayer's, if you have no true basis for your judgments on pot, save your fingers from typing rubbish, rid yourself of ideas formed from Cheech and Chong movies, Fast Times or any other Hollywood movies, or from medical research not based on actual usage. Despite any thoughts you may have, alcohol is and always has been a much more dangerous substance, it is a fact that violence is fueled by alcohol, not pot, and as W2 has so lovingly adopted the Wine Industry, at great benefit to the town, so should pot be. FYI, I drink myself, and have always enjoyed doing so, but have seen too many that can't handle alcohol, turn downright mean after consumption, etc.

Let's face it, it's a well know fact how fertile our ground is, can you not see that we should do everything to get a commercial growing operation here also? Though indoor growing is known to produce a better crop, with the right care, and our fertile soils, outdoor grown pot would rival any of the other cash crops we raise, and would add another stair on the ladder of success in bringing in tourism business.


tpeacock 1 month, 2 weeks ago on Letter - It is shameful there was no photo of veterans in U-B

Oh please, there is more than enough coverage of Vets these days, in fact, in many of our minds (I'm a Vet myself) there's way too much. I never joined or served so I could be continually lauded years after, and would be embarrassed as Heck to demand such.

I read stories from some Vets complaining about not getting there 10% discount at Home Depot, missing a flight because they didn't follow the e-ticket procedures, and recently in Spokane, a Sailor on leave not getting a golfing discount. Really? The Army did many wonderful things for me, I have received everything I was promised, and nowhere in the papers I signed did it say I was to be put on a pedestal, that I should be offended if a Holiday occurred and I wasn't celebrated in newspapers and on TV, that I would get help finding a job when I got out, etc.

I was, however, trained to take care of myself in the worst of cases, that when all that was left to depend on was me, that's who I could depend on, and to this date, have never once felt my service has, is, or was ever ignored in any way! What's shameful to me is this handful of Vets seeking their 15 minutes of fame and taking it out on society whenever they feel they haven't been given that 15 minutes.


tpeacock 1 month, 2 weeks ago on Letter - New shopping is good, roundabout is bad

I couldn't agree more, just as what happened with the proposal to turn W. Rose into two lanes, people need to rally against this ridiculous solution to a minor issue at that intersection that can be corrected with a much better solution.


tpeacock 1 month, 3 weeks ago on Milton-Freewater motorcyclist critically injured in crash with SUV

The accident occurred on 125/11 in M-F, so what that has to do with 12 is puzzling at best. The stretch of road where this accident occurred has had it's share of bad accidents over the years, more so due to inattention than safety designs. I know personally, as the 15th anniversary of a life altering accident I was involved comes up on the 16th of this month.

My 12 year old son and I were heading to Pendleton for a ride, when a 79 yr. old lady pulled out from All Rite Carpets right in front of us. My son was in the hospital for a week before going home to recuperate from broken femur while I spent the rest of the summer at St. Mary's almost loosing my right foot. While this could have been blamed on the highway, and this stretch of road is considered a safety zone (whatever that means) it was due to driver inattention.

I do not buy into motorcycles being invisible or hard to see, they aren't! What I believe it comes down to, is people in a hurry to get out in busy traffic are more attuned to look for deterrents to that process, like other cars, trucks, etc. but motorcycles, due to their smaller size don't get the attention they should. This is not to say drivers purposely target motorcycles, just that their smaller size inhibits a driver's perspective and they don't appear to be the detriment to entering traffic that larger vehicles do.

Maybe it's because I do ride, but I have no issue spotting motorcycles in light or heavy traffic, nor judging (mis-judging) my ability to enter traffic flow without becoming a threat to motorcycles. Here's hoping for a successful and speedy recovery for the rider, and for some form of justice to wake up one more driver who obviously was not as attentive as she should have been.

We could put stop lights at every intersection in town, build four leaf clovers at all intersections on all highways, and inattentive drivers would still find a way to cause accidents. The focus should be on folks that shouldn't be driving in the first place, punishing those whose actions cause harm and fatalities so they become more aware of the true responsibility when behind the wheel, and stop this insane practice of trying to compensate for bad driving behaviors.


tpeacock 1 month, 3 weeks ago on Letter - Take action against NRA-promoted laws

This poor man lives in fear of many things as has been made clearly obvious by his posts. He also, due to the same review of his posts, seems quite eager to make comments based on very little to no facts, assuming readers will buy into his writings because of his oft stated profession or the manner in which he pens (types?) his posts using educated sounding prose. Problem is, his utter lack of facts obliterate any of the aforementioned reasons he tries to persuade reader's with, and he has finally owned up to this with his apology. At least and at last, he can be given credit for something in his postings.