tpeacock 3 months, 3 weeks ago on Letter - Unarmed suspects are often hooligans

I swear dude, you just post things to type letters and waste them. Are you serious? I have very open mind, but got his implications as they were exactly intended. I ride my Harley at all hours of the day and night, I'm not one of the 'pretty bots/ and have been stopped (profiled) on numerous occasions for absolutely NOTHING! In Castleman's opinion I would be a hooligan.

To go against my very grain, in this case you need to have a huge cup of shut the 'F' up.


tpeacock 3 months, 3 weeks ago on Letter - Clinton’s lack of respect for ‘rule of law’ distressing

Wow, it just never ceases. Just one hole in your little bubble without totally slashing it; there was never, ever, any article or report of her wiping her server clean. The news was that she deleted some emails from a server at their home. This is such a far cry from wiping a server, and I'm guessing you have little clue what the process entails, or even what it is about. As for the emails, if they were government emails sent to government people, they are or should be backed up as a part of the recipient's mailbox. Now if you folks had any clue whatsoever of IT related matters, and email servers and mail systems in particular, you would know that. But who cares about facts when gossip is so much easier, and the chance of blowing smoke up someone's 4th point of contact is fairly slim (having someone with the knowledge take the time to read your nonsense), or from fellow believers who are too busy patting you on the back for your bile so are too busy to worry about inconvenient things like facts.



tpeacock 3 months, 3 weeks ago on Letter - Logic has been twisted on Second Amendment

That's statement is so moronic, but your showcasing of your interests makes sense now, and I'm confident your very well versed on any of them. I will also bet your lack of weapon knowledge is equal to your lack of marijuana knowledge. Two subjects you yammer on about incessantly as if you have some actual knowledge of, yet your yammering's are clear proof you lack even a basic though of either.


tpeacock 3 months, 3 weeks ago on Letter - More facts children should know about Vietnam

Mr. Potts, I've unfortunately read your letters to the Editor for far too many years. Once in a great while you have a valid point, but in my humble opinion you're running about 3-5% on valid points over the years. I'm not going to pull an English Teacher assessment on this, but when you say Nixon 'was hectored into resigning. ' I'm not sure you've done your homework to know what you speak of. Hectored means to treat with insolence; bully; torment, and I remember those years very well. Nixon got caught with his hand in the cookie jar, so to speak, he was guilty as hell. Now I personally liked him as a President, thought he did a pretty god job of getting us on the road out of Vietnam, a war we should have won, could've won if the politician's would have stayed the heck out of the way.

All that said, what is the point of your letter anyway? I couldn't tell if you're blaming Dems for the way things happened, or if it was the GOP's or if your point was to even blame someone. But even more to the point, why the heck do children need to know all of these things? I sure don't believe we can ever have world peace, too many nutcases out there and many running countries. Bringing up past events in negative ways, or with slanted viewpoints, what is that supposed to teach anyone? Truth is a hard pill to swallow sometimes, but try it, with a little water anything will go down smoothly. And let's teach our kids things that will do them good, not stir up bad memories.


tpeacock 3 months, 3 weeks ago on Letter - More facts children should know about Vietnam

Potts has a habit of penning nonsensical things, I sure wouldn't credit him with insulting anyone, that in a sense leads some credence to the abysmal context of his writing.


tpeacock 3 months, 3 weeks ago on Does Obama fear Putin or Americans?

Once again that darned Obama is at it again. He goes out and derails oil trains, starts riots in Ferguson and Baltimore, and a host of other maladies affecting we the citizens.

Now on a serious note, I'm not sure what Mr. Buchanan's branch of service was, or position/MOS was, but I'm guessing it wasn't the Air Force or anything remotely to do with how intercepts are managed/ordered. It sure wasn't my specialty and way above my pay grade, but as a huge proponent of using common sense, and not randomly besmirching people, I'm going to guess that the Commanders at the different remote locations have latitude to order intercepts on incoming aircraft, stopping short of having authority to order engagements.

As far as flyover where ANY sitting President is (whether golfing, lunching, or taking a stroll on the beach) , bet you're bottom end that's something that will be immediate as well it should. A person's spite for the sitting Pres. due to this new age hatred of anyone from the 'other' party is merely making people sound more foolish and childish as time goes on.


tpeacock 3 months, 3 weeks ago on Letter - What is going on with train derailments?

I don't imagine it could have anything to do with the large increase in oil trains due to increased production, especially from N. Dakota like so many newspaper articles have addressed the last couple of years. Nah, it's got to be Obama, that darned guy, he's got his hands in just about everything. I'll bet he's the cause of the Baltimore and Ferguson riots, heck he was probably on the boat with that N. Korean nutbag watching the cruise missile launches.

Excuse me, I have to go make a new aluminum foil cap, the old one is falling apart.


tpeacock 3 months, 3 weeks ago on Letter - Anti-gun lobby uses hysteria and emotions

I-594 isn't hurting anyone, and it has ben explained what the intention of it is. What I find disturbing is these so called defenders of the 2nd Amendment, openly defying a law (as they so aptly put it) because they disagree with it. A moot point because Law Enforcement and those close to the Initiative stated quite clearly what the intention of the law is. But, here these great defenders are, openly defying a law they don't like. So what other laws are these folks going to ignore or openly disobey? And they have access to as many guns as one could ever wish for? Let's all put aside our personal beliefs and chicken little rhetoric that the government is coming to take away or forearms for just a moment, and really think over what these almighty defenders of our cherished 2nd Amendment were/are up to.

Now, before you go off on me as an anti gun person, I have 22 years Army Infantry experience, qualified expert on every single weapon I ever had in my hands, in short I love weapons. Truthfully, there are some weapons a lot of folks have no business having, weapons are actually tools if you want to get right down to it. Just like with tools, you don't bring in a sledge hammer to do watch repair, and some weapons are of little use that to just go blasting and having fun. Unless a person is certified nutty or a felon, we all have the right to own whatever we want, within reason or established laws.

It's when it comes to the point a person takes the nutcase stance that many so called defenders of our rights do that the government wants to take our guns away, the Democrats want to take our guns away, everyone should have their own, and especially when laws in place or openly disobeyed by folks on a mission to supposedly protect my freedom to keep and bear arms, it's time to start doing some mental health checking to determine if perhaps these folks should have their right constrained a bit. Like it or not, there's a right way and a wrong way to do things, and I've never been a fan of the wrong way. As a Drill Sergeant I was on the range and taught thousands of soldiers in the use of various weapons. There were always a few I would never have felt safe with in any setting other than a controlled range like we had, so not everyone should have access to weapons of any kind.

Why does common sense take such a back seat on so many issues these days?


tpeacock 3 months, 3 weeks ago on Letter - Sen. Murray knows nothing about growing economy

I suppose it's too much to expect worthwhile posts/comments not fueled by party politic hatred. There are so many folks posting on the U-B site that seem to prefer name calling, besmirching people's character, etc. If you folks truly want to address the greatest ills of society, I would suggest learning how to debate subjects on a level that shows you have something important to add to the conversation instead of stooping to school yard behavior more suited for youngsters that don't know any better.

I truthfully don't care much for a lot of the garbage comments I read here, but I refrain from name calling, or coming off from some ingrained political rhetoric stance demeaning others because I'm from another political slant. Of course it helps to be smart enough not to fall prey to either of the major political parties b-s, and smart enough to know it's not the party, it's the person with the best idea that we should all be searching and voting for.
A pipe dream, I know and it won't ever stop, especially from the keyboard ninja class that dominates commenting sites. Be aware, any replies filled with the usual garbage will be ignored, especially since I don't have a clue who you are, and keyboard ninja comments are a waste of my valuable reading time. I don't hide, my posting name is who I am, jus add an o and m then a space after the m, and I'm in the Spokane phone book, and I come to town about every two to three weeks and ride my Peacock painted Harley. I don't hide, I stand by what I say, and fighting and name calling is ignorant.

BTW, 6.5 years or 65 years, a lie is a lie is a lie that time will never erase.


tpeacock 5 months ago on Letter - Founding Fathers wouldn’t recognize their creation

It is comforting to know that there are still some folks around who knew the Founding Fathers well enough to give us these fathers true perspectives on life.