tpeacock 2 months, 3 weeks ago on Letter - Obama is still blaming Bush

Except, my take is one of a dual bias, and had nothing to do with singling out any POTUS past and/or present. It's quite apparent any apparent agreement you perceive we have has been severely limited by your post Steve, which truly is a resounding statement echoing the sad state of affairs affecting our Country more so than some guy sitting on a throne in the White House, or behind a news desk.

While I haven't had a lot of agreement with many of your letters, I have respected your writing abilities and the knowledge you exhibit through your Letters, and have no qualms saying so. However, to squander an opportunity to send kudos your way by slanting an obviously neutral comment of yours and putting any bias of my own to said comment would be an obvious insult, and is not how I conduct myself.


tpeacock 2 months, 3 weeks ago on Letter - Those watching roundabout will need refreshments

I be willing to bet good money these 'stoners' as you so eloquently put it, would manage better than a passel of 'straights' would. But then I have known a passel of stoner's over my life time, and wouldn't you be surprised at the sheer numbers of them running businesses and the like.


tpeacock 2 months, 3 weeks ago on Letter - Send the current pool bond packing

Let's just find out what Rosey likes, what her recreational/educational/and other pursuits are, and ban everything else. We'll then rename the town to Rosey Rosey. My dad used to say, 'They'd complain if you hung 'em with a new rope', and I'll bet she'd still find something to carp about. When one states so eloquently; 'I don’t swim and I don’t care to', how incredible one must be to think anyone would have one care about their response on the tropic at hand.


tpeacock 2 months, 3 weeks ago on Letter - Do we want to expose our youths to sun damage?

As someone who has been an avid sun bather for the past 40 some years, this is laughable at best, a sad excuse otherwise. It's nice to see I'm far from alone on seeing the utter ridiculousness of this claim.


tpeacock 2 months, 3 weeks ago on Letter - What used to be illegal or immoral is now normal

Interesting take, indeed! I wrote a letter to the editor back in the early eighties regarding a concert at the Fairgrounds that started at 4 in the afternoon on a Thursday. It was a concert I wanted to attend, but was driving delivery truck at the time and wouldn't be back in time to catch it. My point at the time was how it seemed ( and had since I was in High School) that Walla Walla seemed an ideal place; if you were 35 years of age or older. I made the point regarding the concert that we working stiffs would be, well, working and not be able to attend, and those left able to attend would either have no money (unemployed) or too young to be interested. I would be remiss to say I had a horrible childhood with nothing to do, there were plenty of thing as a child, but it seemed once you reached your teen years, activities to keep one entertained fell off dramatically. I suppose if one had the talent for skating, the opportunities were endless. I guess I should blame my coordination skills for missing out on all these wonderful opportunities. Or maybe instead of looking at the reality of life, just blame it on sex, drugs, rock and roll, and those damned immigrants. If it weren't for some of the original immigrants none of us would have had to live through such a miserable childhood, and maybe my coordination skills would have been more suited to skating, so it's all the fault of my ancestors. Thanks Ms. Tate, I can finally get a good night's rest.


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Just as the idea of making Rose a two lane instead of four lane street was trumped by citizen outcry, the same needs to be done regarding this absolutely moronic idea of placing a roundabout at 9th and Plaza. The ones at the Highway 12/Myra exit ramp are proof positive of the absurdity of roundabouts anywhere but in residential neighborhoods as you'll experience in Seattle.
Fight this with everything you have at your disposal before they turn a difficult (at certain times ) intersection into an absolute disaster.


tpeacock 2 months, 3 weeks ago on Letter - Drug use in Walla Walla growing

One more who has seen one too many Cheech and Chong movies, or perhaps Reefer Madness, and can't see through the comedic slant of the C&C movies. I can guarantee you there are several residents of Walla Walla alone who hold very important positions that have used marijuana in the past and even currently, that are living proof that the evil Devil weed is not anywhere the danger that alcohol is, has been, and will be for years to come ( I assume this is the drug the writer refers {reefers} to). There are always exceptions to any and everything, but claims of those that have been seen as experts over the years have been made with little to no actual experience, but due to their positions in society have been afforded a platform praising their insight into marijuana use. A badge or medical license makes no one an expert in all areas more than direct experience, books are a great stepping stone before pursuing hands-on expertise. A brain surgeon fresh out of college will never be as talented, have a working knowledge, or the gained skills as one who has actually operated on a live functioning human. The same goes with actual experience regarding marijuana, and to think States would legalize it's use on a whim is as absurd as the many letters such as this with their ridiculous claims.


tpeacock 2 months, 3 weeks ago on Letter - Why can’t we fix streets and have a pool?

One item getting more attention that will definitely help in keeping the streets from crumbling is outlawing studded tires, or imposing an annual fee which will hopefully make their use cost prohibitive and encourage a major decline in their use. It's been reported that only a third of Washington vehicles use studs, and it's very clear how destructive they are and the dollar figure for repairing damaged rods due to studs is money best spent elsewhere.

Most of the streets in Walla Walla that are severely damaged show clearly the damage is due to studded tire use, and frankly there is no true need for them. Many of us learned to drive when front wheel drive was limited to two models of cars, and before all-season radial tires, of which there is a plethora of varying options to choose from today, were available.

I live in Spokane but am in Walla Walla every two to three weeks. I've been driving for several years, 15 years for Bur-Bee Co, traveling the W2 to Boardman to Pendleton triangle with all cities in that triangle included. I could tell you stories of driving ion some nasty snow/ice conditions during those years. I've lived in Cheney/Spokane since 2001, and since 2009 have been driving a 2003 Mercury Sable. I get to anywhere I want including the South hill with no problems. Granted I have miles of driving experience to my credit and that experience is a large factor contributing to my ability driving in snow.

I own a 1976 CJ5 with 38.5 tall Monster Mudder tires and used to go 4 wheeling in the Mountains out of Walla Walla as a recreational pursuit (it's been used very little since the early 90's, by the way). My fellow 4 byer's and I agreed on one thing about our getting around in the snow; it was 30-40% the vehicle, the largest part was the driver's skills. This fact comes back to getting around on city streets in our every day vehicles, it's the driver's abilities and skills that matter the most. Claims by a small majority regarding studded tire use that studs are the only way they can get around, or that they make driving safer, are incorrect. Studs truly don't make driving in snow or on ice any safer or easier, they merely give a false sense of security, and on wet pavement are actually more hazardous and dangerous than even normal tires. Studded tires are merely giant grinding wheels that damage our streets and roads to the tune of several millions of dollars annually, all for the sake of giving a small handful of driver's a false sense of security. Listen closely the next time a car with studs drives by, the grinding is quite evident.

With all the carping about redistributing wealth, why this escapes that claim is beyond me, but hope is on the horizon.


tpeacock 2 months, 3 weeks ago on Letter - Lynch has reason to leave Seahawks

As a avid Seahawk fan since their inception, I am glad you are not Marshawn. While the play that ended our chance at winning was a tough pill to swallow, the play calling was correct. If one were to breakdown the film on that play it is obvious, with the defense set, a pass play was the correct call. Further dissection of the play reveals that Russell led Lockett too far, resulting in the interception. There was also a receiver open for a fade pass on the opposite side of the end zone. Go back through the film and count the number of times Lynch was stopped for no gain or for a short loss on a defense that was not nearly as stacked against the run as they were on the play that ended the game. Glad too your not a coach for them, while the loss was heartbreaking for all of us, to criticize anyone, or to make such unwarranted claims, due to one play is a clear indication of emotions instead of coaching/playing talent decision making. That will kill a team quicker than anything.


tpeacock 3 months, 1 week ago on Letter - Walla Walla School District wireless network complete

I replied too a comment down the way, read some more of the posts and I must say, if I didn't see through a lot of the m=nonsense that gets posted would be dazed and confused. As stated, I worked construction, and while my job was operating equipment, laboring, etc., I did get to learn the bidding process. I guess the rather successful boss I worked for had it all wrong as I was schooled that you bid a job for a certain amount, and hoped your bid was the lowest but still allowed for a profit. Once you were awarded the job, you did the best you could to finish the job as quickly but as thoroughly and professionally as you should, as the quicker the job was completed, the more you made. To find out now the company should have returned that extra money (govt. money as we did prevailing wage jobs) instead of placing it in the company coffers, I'm embarrassed to find I was working for a crook. Sounds as ridiculous as most of the posts on this subject, but at least it makes a much better point.