treardon 7 months, 3 weeks ago on Spending and spending makes things worse

Downhillracer- "The current administration is actually reducing the deficit... " Question is, relative to what? The following are the annual budget deficits: 2005: $318BB 2006: $248BB 2007: $161BB 2008: $459BB 2009: $1,413BB 2010: $1,294BB 2011: $1,300 BB 2012: $1,087BB

So you are correct, the deficit is cooling down relative to the President's first year, when he pushed to spend huge bucks on "stimulus". But Obama deficits are still muliple times the deficits of all previous administrations, even if they are going down.

But don't tell me- ".. it's Bush's fault...". Riiiiiight.


treardon 9 months, 3 weeks ago on FAA should allow electronic-device use on airplanes

Good start to the discussion. Those familiar with airplane guidance and communication technology, cellphone and wireless network technology already know that there is no way for tangible interference to occur. Now, all Delta flights in the US offer wireless internet service. So, with VOIP technology, I have used the telephone during a number of flights. And I recently flew on Egypt Air, where a cell phone "tower" signal was on board- I was texting my daughter in Spokane while flying 30,000 feet over the Mediterranean.

Anyone who claims there is an issue, or even that they are "not sure" are either not fully informed, or have a hidden agenda.


treardon 12 months ago on Higher-capacity magazines gave time to killer

Sounds like Mr. McFarland is giving up on prevention of Newtown-type incidents, instead focusing on reduction of casualties. As if 20 casualties would be a great deal better than 25. Seems to me that prevention should rather be the focus. Just one death is horrific- and clip size has nothing to do with that.


treardon 1 year ago on Tea Party Patriots to hold 'Tax Day Rally'

Interesting, PeggyJoy. Labeling, name-calling and gneralized accusations might not be your most effective means of rebuttal. Might want to try some sound reason, logic and facts.

I must say I identify with what I see to be the main purpose of the Tea Party- to object to spending more of our money on stuff that is far beyond the constitutional duties of our government. That's it, nothing more.

The rest seems like so much noise.