wallawallabob 10 months ago on Will fourth Walla Walla pool run charm voters?

I am in with my $41.00 for 20 years. Kids and Adults need to do more physical activity! Get outside and go do something. ..huh Just take a look a round you...hahaha WALLA WALLA NEEDS A POOL. NOW usoldfartsthatwon'tuseit. Can afford to help!


wallawallabob 11 months, 2 weeks ago on Profits before prisoners: Mattress recycling business goes bust

I very rarely comment on these political footballs...but after reading several accounts of this blatant mismanagement I have made the decision to comment... Hold all that are responsible ..accountable...And TERMINATE ALL OF THEM! IMMEDIATELY...



wallawallabob 1 year, 8 months ago on Officials: Man who worked to get arrested makes escape attempt

Maybe something as simple as checking the leg irons and handcuffs, prior to every movement, might help resolve this? I was at the front door of courthouse and saw the inmate running down the steps swinging something that could have injured people in the courthouse doing business. Let's get something more in place to prevent this, it has also been a problem in the past

With a Sheriff election coming up lets ask the candidates, "What failure caused this escape?" "What will you do differently to prevent future escape?" This is a serious matter of County Liability if the public is injured!


wallawallabob 1 year, 8 months ago on wallawallabob

Please update on the prisoner in black and white strips that escaped from Superior Court Monday afternoon and ran from the Courthouse swinging his handcuffs over his head as he ran by me near the frontdoor?

How is it that a prisoner was able to get loose with Deputies present and run from the courtroom? Possibly endangering the public?

Has he been captured? or at large? Thank You


wallawallabob 2 years, 9 months ago on Proposed gun control bill won’t work.

I'm not a gun owner, but I agree with you Gary. I feel these Legislators that have rolled over for all the special interest groups to get votes need to start working toward saving our children and future with legislation that will help to put children in homes with two parents. Our prisons are full of kids that did not have both parents in the home! Our military is strugling with under educated young men who have trouble taking orders from men that were afforded an education and are leaders on the ranks! LEGISLATORS we need to help! STOP THE DUMBING DOWN OF AMERICA!


wallawallabob 3 years, 1 month ago on Mike Hewitt is clear choice for state Senate

Senator Hewitt, I posted a diatribe on Maureen's article. Please read it and lets work toward some legislation that will benefit children of divorce this session! The prisons are full of children that did not have both parents in their lives! You can be a large part of helping to make this state a better place by proposing legislation that will benefit children by having less litigation in divorce. Do it! I will be down to talk with you when session starts. Thanks, Bob


wallawallabob 3 years, 1 month ago on Maureen Walsh deserves to be re-elected

Enough already about what adults shall be allowed to do! They are adults! With our future in mind and our children's future at stake, I feel that we shall move toward legislation that will put parents in the lives of their children, rather that the difficult divorce laws that are now on the books! Now it is a winner take all, the parents and children loose and the lawyers are the only ones that win by keeping the family law courts busy and reaping paychecks. I feel that the family law system shall be over seen by family professionals, rather than lawyers and judges that are not educated in what is really "in the best interest of children". Litigation only provides a paycheck! We need to attach parents, at birth, at the hospital, with their children and move in the direction of child support from birth, maybe both parents will want to be a part of their children's lives when they become financially attached. This may lower the rate of parents dependent on our states welfare system. If the parents are not married, the state will know who the parents are so that state benefits are not being paid for children that are of a so called "single parent". Its all about accountability. Also, keep in mind that our state prisons here in Walla Walla and over in Purdy are full of children that had little or no contact with their parents. The data is there! Maureen, Please forward this to Senator Hewitt so I don't have to type it again, and I will be down to talk to you again in Olympia when the session starts. Thanks, Bob