wallyworldguy 5 days, 4 hours ago on State Supreme Court raises traffic fines

Amazing, there is just never enough money for city, state, or federal governments anymore. They don't try to watch their spending, they just hit the tax payer for more.

I think we need a revolution by the tax paying, working people of this country.

Charge me more to help low income pay theirs, What a bunch of B.S. they have so much help with everything else that they live better then i do.


wallyworldguy 4 weeks ago on Sheriff dismisses election foe Cooper

Cooper said Saturday that “under advice of legal counsel I have to decline to discuss the specifics of the termination letter.

I don't get it, why is Mr. Turner already under the advice of legal counsel? has a lawsuit already been filed? If all people concerned are paid by the taxpaying citizens of this city and county, then does Mr. Turner not have an obligation to explain to the taxpayers why Mr. Cooper was terminated? I'm not saying that Turner is right or wrong in terminating Mr. Cooper, I just don't understand why whenever Turner does something it's always shrouded in mystery like all of these lying backstabbing politicians in DC. I've never met Mr. Turner don't know if he is honest and fair, or he is the devil in disguise, just seems like since he's been voted in its one drama episode after another. if you have a fair valid reason for terminating Mr. Cooper then do it and let us know why. If you have to cower and hide behind legal counsel this early in the game, well it just tells me something doesn't smell right, and I think the smell is coming right out of the Sheriff's office.


wallyworldguy 2 months, 1 week ago on Letter - US being a leader through its negotiations

Annie, with all due respect, when I read your opening sentence:

Diplomacy in Iran has already made the world a safer place.

well I just couldn't help but think that only a drug riddled person with less than 2% of their brain cells working could honestly believe or make a statement like that. However, since I'm pretty sure you don't fall into that category how about you explain in detail to those of us less fortunate in comprehending these international situations exactly how it is we are so much more safe now. Last I heard two days ago the talks were going absolutely nowhere and as usual ,is agreeing to nothing and simply wanting more and more of the same that they've been getting from us with no interference from us and things should continue right on down like they have for the last 20 years.the left will never understand that you cannot negotiate with dictators murderers and crook's.


wallyworldguy 2 months, 1 week ago on Letter - Police culture, training need to be improved

Rocio, first of all congratulations on being the first in your family to attend college. however I think you shortchange yourself. Although the civil rights movement and the feminist movement may have helped you to some extent, the truth is you made a decision that you were going to better your life with higher education and you stuck to it and with your hard work and perseverance you will achieve that goal.

However I feel I must respond to some of the remarks that you made in your letter.

I can only speak of the one incident because the other two I don't know anything about however the individual who was confronted by the busy intersection for throwing rocks at cars we know had a very long criminal record and was known to attack police officers as he had done that in the past. throwing rocks may not sound like a really big deal, but we all know what can happen when a rock shatters a window in a moving car. What it can do to the driver or a passenger in the car when the window shatters and glass goes into the eye's or mouth. I guess my question would be, when that person resists arrest, and has a history of attacking police officers, how much abuse do we tell those officers they have to endure before putting an end to that person's rampage. I guess what I'm really trying to say is why is it that our society has taken the Outlook that it's okay for the bad guy to resist officers when confronted. Until we start recognizing there is a problem between police culture and the way they react toward people of color, incidents like this will continue to occur.

First it was Ferguson, then it was New York followed by Pasco

I'm curious what is Ferguson have to do with any of this? Michael Brown was a dog just got finished robbing a convenience store when he was confronted by the police officer for walking down the middle of the street, at which point Michael Brown at tax and beat the police officer while he was still Sydney's car Michael Brown then tried to get the officers weapon from his holster while he was still sitting in the car and he would've undoubtedly use that weapon against the officer. When the officer finally was able to get out of his car and ordered Michael Brown to stop Mr. Brown then turned and charged the officer. Fearing for his life the officer opened fire. These are the facts. And yet so many minorities still referred to the Ferguson shooting in some type of racially motivated incident. These facts were substantiated by many witnesses. Black witnesses by the way. The fact that you use a term like "our police officers culture and training need to improve" tends to show you only see what you want to see. life is a two-way street, and it's time to take off the blinders and get out the equally important message that if you resist a police officer's command you may have to suffer the consequences.


wallyworldguy 3 months, 4 weeks ago on Letter - New Wa-Hi needed before pool

By shortchanging the educational opportunities of our children we are condemning them to lives of mediocrity ---really? a new building is going to change all that?

Here's an idea, get rid of the teachers union as it exists today, get rid of all the teachers "workdays" which are nothing more then paid days off for the teachers. Kids don't need two weeks off from Christmas to new years, its the teachers union that got that for the teachers. Lazy teachers can't be fired, that's why there are so many more that don't do there job as well as they should. Get back to basics like the 3 R's and history. The real history, how things factually happened, not how some have rewritten our history to suite their perception of how it was.

Teachers just want a new building to work in, so they start the old "we need to do it for the kids" chant. They are the selfish ones, not those who deny the bonds.


wallyworldguy 4 months, 1 week ago on Editorial: Obama’s plan for free college isn’t really free

what have you been smokin, seen the latest #s on what obamacare is costing over the next five years after all moduals are put into effect??? looked at the national debt lately??? you people crack me up. he is a dictator in disguise.