wallyworldguy 2 months ago on Strictly - Average wage in Washington state rises to nearly $54,830 in 2014

"Washington’s average wage grew by 4.2 percent to $54,829 in 2014"

if you remove the public sector jobs from this stat., it would likely be more like Washington’s average wage grew by .042 percent to $34,829 in 2014.


wallyworldguy 2 months, 1 week ago on Editorial - Lawmakers have no excuse for not approving budget

fatherof5, look at it this way, if they lay off some state workers for a short time, we can make back the money those teachers stole when they committed fraud.


wallyworldguy 3 months, 1 week ago on State Supreme Court raises traffic fines

Amazing, there is just never enough money for city, state, or federal governments anymore. They don't try to watch their spending, they just hit the tax payer for more.

I think we need a revolution by the tax paying, working people of this country.

Charge me more to help low income pay theirs, What a bunch of B.S. they have so much help with everything else that they live better then i do.


wallyworldguy 4 months ago on Sheriff dismisses election foe Cooper

Cooper said Saturday that “under advice of legal counsel I have to decline to discuss the specifics of the termination letter.

I don't get it, why is Mr. Turner already under the advice of legal counsel? has a lawsuit already been filed? If all people concerned are paid by the taxpaying citizens of this city and county, then does Mr. Turner not have an obligation to explain to the taxpayers why Mr. Cooper was terminated? I'm not saying that Turner is right or wrong in terminating Mr. Cooper, I just don't understand why whenever Turner does something it's always shrouded in mystery like all of these lying backstabbing politicians in DC. I've never met Mr. Turner don't know if he is honest and fair, or he is the devil in disguise, just seems like since he's been voted in its one drama episode after another. if you have a fair valid reason for terminating Mr. Cooper then do it and let us know why. If you have to cower and hide behind legal counsel this early in the game, well it just tells me something doesn't smell right, and I think the smell is coming right out of the Sheriff's office.


wallyworldguy 5 months, 2 weeks ago on Letter - US being a leader through its negotiations

Annie, with all due respect, when I read your opening sentence:

Diplomacy in Iran has already made the world a safer place.

well I just couldn't help but think that only a drug riddled person with less than 2% of their brain cells working could honestly believe or make a statement like that. However, since I'm pretty sure you don't fall into that category how about you explain in detail to those of us less fortunate in comprehending these international situations exactly how it is we are so much more safe now. Last I heard two days ago the talks were going absolutely nowhere and as usual ,is agreeing to nothing and simply wanting more and more of the same that they've been getting from us with no interference from us and things should continue right on down like they have for the last 20 years.the left will never understand that you cannot negotiate with dictators murderers and crook's.