wallyworldguy 5 days, 17 hours ago on Letter - New Wa-Hi needed before pool

By shortchanging the educational opportunities of our children we are condemning them to lives of mediocrity ---really? a new building is going to change all that?

Here's an idea, get rid of the teachers union as it exists today, get rid of all the teachers "workdays" which are nothing more then paid days off for the teachers. Kids don't need two weeks off from Christmas to new years, its the teachers union that got that for the teachers. Lazy teachers can't be fired, that's why there are so many more that don't do there job as well as they should. Get back to basics like the 3 R's and history. The real history, how things factually happened, not how some have rewritten our history to suite their perception of how it was.

Teachers just want a new building to work in, so they start the old "we need to do it for the kids" chant. They are the selfish ones, not those who deny the bonds.


wallyworldguy 2 weeks, 1 day ago on Editorial: Obama’s plan for free college isn’t really free

what have you been smokin, seen the latest #s on what obamacare is costing over the next five years after all moduals are put into effect??? looked at the national debt lately??? you people crack me up. he is a dictator in disguise.


wallyworldguy 1 month ago on Editorial - Governor must consider cuts before new taxes

Tax rates for state and local taxes are at their lowest rate per $1,000 since the 1960s in Washington State

care to explain that statement ??


wallyworldguy 1 month, 2 weeks ago on Council to vote on pool bond Wednesday

" an additional $100,000 would be required to process the bonds, city officials said"

Alfred, did you ask them to explain this 100,000 expense?????

Things are already starting to smell funny here.


wallyworldguy 2 months, 1 week ago on City proposes $29.3M expense budget for 2015

"He added that approximately $640,000 of the additional funds will go directly to streets" He meant 640,000 each year, of the two years right??????