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I haven't heard it go the other way. I would assume that it wouldn't make sense to go the other way, as CP wouldn't have the capacity at the District level to handle the size of WW. I could definately be wrong, but my guy tells me that a scenario like that wouldn't happen.


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I don't think that it would have been forced, but it is an option that the state Superintendent has looked at. From an overhead standpoint, it doesn't make sense to have smaller districts (Touchet, Waitsburg, Dayton and CP to an extent) have the infrastructure for a whole district, when the WW School district could handle all of the admin for all of them, at a greatly reduced cost.

I believe that the CP district believed that they would be on the chopping black if they weren't able to get a high school bond passed, as there are very few districts in the state that don't house a high school.

This is my understanding after talking with my wife, who is in education in the WW Valley.


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I like to treat others as I would like to be treated. Pretty simple way to live life, and I have found it to be quite rewarding.

I just hope that enough people join barracuda in acutally touring the facility. I think that a lot of citizens think of their time at the school, or their kids time, and think they have a good grasp on the condition of the facility.

I have to admit that I have a small child who will be joining the WWPS system shortly, so I have an obvious vested interest. With that being said, I truly believe that our education system is the backbone of our community. Let's invest in it.


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Haha. I'm glad I saw these posts. My wife is in education, and I was complaining to her about this last night. "How could they do that?" She was baffled.

I saw Randy Worndorn and figured that they just screwed up his name. I only read the first couple of paragraphs, because I was too disgusted. Probably should have realized the date!


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Thanks for doing your research. I don't think Vern understands that the school board and the Superintendent are different. It's like sports analogies that talk about stats from 25 years ago. The team is completely different, and those stats are no longer relevant. I feel that a majority of Vern's commentary falls into this category.


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Hi Barracuda,

If you truly have gone on a tour and don't agree that this bond needs to be passed, I suppose that we can only agree to disagree. I just don't know how you can see that facility, and not realize that our students are entering the workforce, or college, without the same training in science that a majority of their direct competition is receiving. I appreciate you attempting to educate yourself, and can respect your thoughts on the facility. That's not to say that I agree with it, but it sounds like you have tried your best to make an informed decision. Kudos to you.


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This is incredibly difficult for me to read. If you would take some initiative and go on a tour, you would see the dire condition of the science building. The architecure is OK. Nobody is in danger by being in there. With that being said, you can't conduct science classes in 2014 with a facility designed for science in the 60's. It doesn't work.

Again, if you would go on a tour, you would see that a majority of the Wa Hi facility is outdated. I respect what the Board did by surveying the community, and trying to attack this issue as the community sees fit. Tell me Larry, did you attend any school board meetings to hear about the bond and the facilities that are forcing our students to be under prepared for college? Please realize that education is an important part of a community that allows us to grow as a community. When a young family is looking at a community, they look to see how the education system is. If they don't believe that the community values education, they won't move here. Do you want to know why we can't get large retailers (Costco is a great example) to come to WW? Our population growth is incredibly stagnant. Supporting education allows our population to grow, and our community to flourish.


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This sure doesn't look good for the school district. Trying to pass a bond while your Superintendent is interviewting elsewhere is not an easy task.