zerocat 2 years, 2 months ago on Official: Gilbert’s license to do business revoked in Oregon

Wow i can't believe this scam artists isn't in jail yet. Scamming from Washington to Oregon and saying hes gnna reopen in walla walla. Mark Gilbert is a Criminal. Lock him up. Mormon church probably will back him up with more cash so he can go and scam again.


zerocat 2 years, 2 months ago on Court dismisses three Gilbert bankruptcy filings

Scam artist is gonna try and make a come back. Beware walla walla, mark gilbert needs money to pay his cronies and lawsuits so more scams to come.


zerocat 2 years, 2 months ago on Gilbert lawsuit back on track

Can't believe this scammer aka Mark Gilbert and side kick king pen Noe Longoria, is going to try and open back up after screwing lots of people over. I bet no one will buy cars from him and the place will go under.


zerocat 2 years, 2 months ago on Ted Small estate auction nets big interest, bucks

Big error Mr. Alfred Diaz made in this report is the 7hp 1896 GOLDEN GATE ENGINE went for $200,000, that is older and only one known to exist , twice as much as the 1910 auburn that sold for $95,000, that there is many still in existence out there. That shows this reporter doesn't take there job seriously or is just for old cars only or is just a complete idiot that can't get things right by not paying attention. Reporter errors deliberate or not should be corrected immediately. Mr. Alfred Diaz needs to know this city of Walla Walla doesn't revolve just around old cars only, due to car shows and raceway here in Walla Walla. Do you job right and report the truth.


zerocat 2 years, 4 months ago on College Place reinstates lawsuit against car dealer

Mark Gilbert is a corrupt person that will always be out to rip people off. This place needs to be shut down and railroaded out of here. They use bankruptcy to fend off lawsuits over not paying off trade in's. I was ripped off there few years ago buying GAP insurance and car got totaled and guess what. NO ONE paid for GAP insurance there and i had recite that showed i did. Took filing a suit in district court and the mess got fixed fast. I had proof and they had a thief. Im sick of hearing about gilbert auto and ripping people off.


zerocat 2 years, 5 months ago on Octopus mural covered

City worries about a painting on a wall downtown when the Old Blue Moutain Mall is covered in graffiti and looks like a DUMP and they dont really do much about it. Shows all the politics now in walla walla that favors only the elite people with lots of cash.. NOW PAINT A GAY COUPLE GETTING MARRIED ON THAT WALL, AND I BET YOU IT WOULD BE A NIGHTMARE TO GET REMOVED.


zerocat 2 years, 5 months ago on News release: Walla Walla toy store owner plans to continue mural fight

Shows these idiots that run walla walla seem to pick on certian people and not there elite buddies. I support that toy store. My 5 year old loves that mural everytime we drive by it. Sounds like some of these crooks need to be voted out.

Didn't the city manager get a pay hike also. Shows you the corruption walla walla has, also just like the scandal sherriff office had. There all elites that they know money buys power.


zerocat 2 years, 5 months ago on Now isn't time to give Walla Walla city manager pay hike

Wow its all about the greed. $142,800 a year is crazy amount to make to be lazy. Who ever came up with these pay scales for these job positions were crooks. Throw em out in the apple orchards doing hard labor for minimum wage and see how quickly they quit. LAME.


zerocat 2 years, 5 months ago on Parents need to stand up to NRA

So next there will be bloody deaths somwhere else with knives and swords and king Oboso will wanna ban knives and swords. And will be another huge debate. No matter what you do, criminals will get guns. USA supplied the cartels in mexico with guns with the gun walking issue and no one got in trouble but the wistle blower..

Inmate in prison find ways to make weapons no matter how many rules you make.

How would OBOSO do any gun grab either when they cant even secure the border from jose/juan/ect launching drugs and guns, babies, illegals over the border fence that says VACANCY here and the usa in return gives them welfare checks, drivers licences, jobs .

Democrats forgot last time they did assult weapon ban they lost there jobs following there Messiah "Bill Clinton" (While he was tagging up Monica in the White House). There following there Messiah again KING OBOSO. Senate looks like in 2014 a opening for GOP to take over and give us our freedom back as long as they drop old school thoughts and come into the main stream.


zerocat 2 years, 5 months ago on Gilbert Auto files for Chapter 11 protection

This looser car dealership has been scamming people out of Gap insurance for years i was one victim and see now he's ("Mark Gilbert" and the king pin of SCAMS "Noe Longoria") scamming again. Why would anyone wanna buy from this scam artists backed by the morman church.. Always out to screw anyone. Chapter 11 is going to keep his scams going so he can pay the tab from earlier scams. Its a shame dealerships like this give all dealership bad names.

Myra rd issue is another waist of time.